Alex Cardenas

Anyone who plays football or baseball against Webb could very possibly wake up in the middle of the night with their bed soaked with sweat, thanks to Alex Cardenas. He gives his opponents nightmares because of his fierce determination and work ethic in athletics. After a slow start, Alex hit a turning point for his Webb athletic career in his junior year when he gained more confidence and bonded with his teams. Other than sports, Alex loves Theme Nights, hanging out with his best friends Emily Arias (’20) and Ryan Bridges (‘20), or watching Breaking Bad while listening to songs by The Weeknd. Alex’s biggest motivation throughout his high school journey is his mother; Alex has witnessed just how hard his mom has worked for him. In the near future, Alex will take his talents to UC Riverside where he will major in Business. After college, Alex sees himself living in the mountains of Oregon, running a business, while keeping busy everyday.  

Alex is like Pam from Brawl Stars. He is tough on the outside and makes fun of you all the time but he is always ready to give you a hug when you need one.”

— Emily Arias (‘20)