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It is important to actively look after one’s mental health and look for ways to stay mentally healthy.

Actively look after mental health

Finally, actively looking after one’s mental health is one of the easiest and most straightforward methods to maintain one’s mental health. Simply keeping in mind the importance of mental health is a huge step towards a healthy mind. Before going to bed, ask yourself if you are feeling stressed; make sure to stay physically healthy and be mindful of your personal hygiene. It is important to prioritize one’s mental health and ensure that there is time for both working and resting. 

“What helps me when I’m struggling with something, like with the consequences of quarantine, is to acknowledge what I’m experiencing and to pay attention to the feeling, noticing where the feeling resides with in me,” said Mr. Rios. “Then I respond gently to the feeling with compassion and understanding. I may either gently breath with it or even place my hand over my heart. I remind myself that everything I’m feeling at this moment is natural and that compassion is what my feeling needs most. …In fact, ignoring, minimizing, or pushing away what I’m feeling only intensifies what I’m already feeling.” 

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