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An exciting clip of the dragon dance show, one example of colorful spectacles you might see on the “春晚” (chun wan) show. This show airs a beautiful production of dance, lights, and music, all on Chinese New Year’s Eve.

Hank Sun (‘22), Beijing, China

During New Year, Hank typically makes dumplings with his family and stays up till midnight watching the annual TV program that displays Chinese New Year fun. He also goes out with family for big meals to enjoy each other’s company.

Although Hank is disappointed that he will not be able to travel home for the holiday, he hopes to have a meal amongst other students from China to emulate the idea of togetherness on Chinese New Year. However, Hank does not believe the school should try to replicate events for the student’s enjoyment, simply because the spirit of the celebration is familial and personal.

“I’m very homesick from not being able to go back especially during Chinese New Year, which is very meaningful to me,” Hank said. “Amongst the student body, a gathering would be meaningful.”

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