Oliver Lu ('24)

A classic dish at any New Year’s dinner, dumplings. Eating dumplings during the Chinese New Year is a lucky symbol for a prosperous future.

Brian Yeung (‘22), Diamond Bar, California

Brian usually celebrates New Year’s by eating dinner with his extended family, enjoying a meal that mostly consists of traditional Chinese food; his favorite dish is “饺子” (jiao zi), dumplings. He has not attempted to recreate celebrations with friends at Webb, because he maintains the holiday as one special to valuable and quality family time. He feels that if he celebrated this with friends, it would slightly break the tradition of such an important family time.

Brian does not mind if Webb hosts festive events, as he believes that his main goal is to focus on work, and not worry about social events. But he understands the appeal, as it makes others who are further from home feel more integrated into the community instead of being so isolated.

“As a boarder who was born in California, having the opportunity to come home and celebrate Chinese New Year was really gratifying because I understand that some international boarders do not have the opportunity to do so,” Brian said. “Thus, I try not to take for granted the opportunity I have to be so close to family.”

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