The poster for Lunar New Year celebrations, posted by the Chinese Club on their Instagram.

Chinese Club

The Chinese Club has prepared wonderful activities for students to enjoy, selecting events that are unique and perfect to conclude the Lunar New Year festivities. They teamed up with the Mahjong Club to provide fun opportunities for students to both compete and express themselves artistically.

Ring toss and Mahjong are the more competitive games available. Ring toss is a game that is also played at carnivals around the world, so this should seem familiar to any student. “春联” (chun lian), couplet writing and lantern decorations would be appealing to the artsy students in our community. Chinese Club hopes that students will be able to experience the process of bringing themselves luck when writing Chinese couplets.

The Chinese Club began planning these activities over a month ago, when the library staff reached out to them for a collaboration. The library now has an educational display of how Lunar New Year is celebrated in different East-Asian countries. This brainstorming took some time and COVID-19 hindered the selection of activities. There were hopes for sugar painting and dumplings, but concern for health protocols changed their minds. However, as the list was narrowed down, the club began to create posters, stirring excitement.

“Instead of ‘educational’ activities, we wanted our community to fully experience some Chinese New Year culture through interactive events.” Wendy Chang (‘23), a member of the Chinese Club said. “These fun activities allow students to have fun, but also educate them on traditions of Chinese New Year.”

All around, the work students have put in offers another chance to connect with the community and reminds us of how incredibly meaningful it is to be with friends during such important times.

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