Kaylynn Chang ('23)

Webbies on WCC! A sub-section of the C&L category, this project aims to feature the amazing works and hidden talents of students and faculty on campus!

Webbies on WCC!

Bow Necklace
Heidi’s Jewelry and More!
Star Bracelet
Star Earrings
Hair Clip
Bow and Star Necklace
Big Crumb Apple Coffee Cake Recipe
Baking With Bauman!
Baking with the WCC
Touch Grass
Sticker Booth by Alex and Madison!
Custom Designs
Richard Wu (’23)
Eunice Lau (’23)
Naomi Kang (’24)
Ivy Yan (’23)
Art Café
Aiden Yeung (’23)
Piano Performance — Allego Barbaro
Hanbo Xu (’25) The Clarinet Dude
Clarinet Performance — 30 Caprices: No. 12
Fake Flower
Yvette Shu (’23)
Sunsets & Flowers
Silent Vigil
Dreaming in Blue and White
Graphite Sculpture Study
떡볶이 (tteokbokki) 
Mrs. Choi’s Tteokbokki
Korean Club’s Tteokbokki

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