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Eleanor Hong

Eleanor Hong, Co-Editor of News

If journalism were the sea and fish were the news, Eleanor Hong (‘24) would relentlessly search for the biggest catch. Determined, cheerful, confident, brave, and optimistic these words build the character of the upcoming WCC news editor. Relating to the fisherman Santiago in her favorite Hemingway novel, The Old Man and The Sea, Eleanor refuses to be discouraged no matter what. Despite juggling multiple hobbies, interests, and academic responsibilities, Eleanor remains optimistic. After a life-changing summer program, she became exceptionally passionate about creative writing, leading her to start her own creative writing club. Her passion extends itself to the publication, as she plans to create an open essay column for creative writers at Webb where they could share their works. In addition to her interest in creative writing, Eleanor is also a connoisseur of true crime podcasts. She especially loves listening to Stephanie Soo to learn about criminal cases and stories in her free time. Motivated by her determination to find “the biggest catch,” Eleanor is looking forward to making a change at the Webb Canyon Chronicle this year.  

Favorite song: "Got Weird" by Dodie

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Eleanor Hong