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Lisa Peng

Lisa Peng, Staff Writer

From the things she does to the things she likes, Lisa Peng (‘24) is truly one of a kind. Coming from Chongqing, China, she moved to Rancho Cucamonga when she was 9. Lisa quickly learned English, and reading books became one of her favorite hobbies. Lisa's interests are as clever as her. Her favorite movie is Your Name, an imaginative tale about a boy and girl switching bodies, going to space, and time traveling. Another thing that piques her interest is Asian celebrity news, specifically a boy band named SEVENTEEN. SEVENTEEN, established in 2015, has 13 members, but these 13 members are not 17, in fact, they all are in their 20’s. SEVENTEEN has four albums, a movie released in 2022, and a member named "8". Her favorite author is Cassandra Clare, a creatively defiant fantasy writer that inspired Lisa to practice her writing skills through the Webb Canyon Chronicle as a new staff writer. With her life in Asia and America inspiring her, Lisa hopes to bring a new perspective to the publication. Lisa has been to so many places, from the bustling city of Chongqing to the fantastical forests of Clare’s books. Her unique perspective on life is truly in a class of itself. 

Favorite Song: "Darl+ing" by SEVENTEEN

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Lisa Peng