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How to get out of bed in the morning

Lisa Peng
Alina Li (‘25) and Elaine Tang (‘24) sit in the dining hall early in the morning. Alina holds a cup of tea to warm up her hands before entering the school day ahead. Elaine looks at her schedule on her phone to prepare for the day. However, there are other ways to get awake during the mornings. “I would play some music/podcasts or listen to some random stories to clear my brain and get ready for the day,” Elaine said.

“In an ideal world, you want to wake up to natural sunlight,” said Melanie Bauman, Director of Wellness.  But often, we wake up to the screeching alarm and rush to our next commitment. So, what are some ways to improve our morning experiences? 

“Humans sleep better when they are in slightly cooler conditions, so you want a gentle warming phase as you wake up,” Ms. Bauman said.  

You can wear a pair of socks to keep your feet and body warm before stepping down onto the cold floor or keep parts of your window open so that sunlight will provide you warmth. But beware of your phone screen – it might divert you from your morning activities.  

Refrain from other things that distract you from a productive morning like looking at a phone screen as mentioned earlier. It is important to practice self-control in the morning hour. Getting distracted by something for a few minutes might mean rushing in the next few minutes.  

Getting out of bed in the morning doesn’t always have to be a pain. Finding the right methods of waking up can enhance your morning experience. When we correctly break our sleep cycle, we can effectively improve wakefulness. 

“If you can interrupt and wake up in a stage one and two cycle, you are more likely to wake up more alert.” Ms. Bauman said. 

Tracking your sleep cycle on your phone or watching it through an app can help you understand these cycles and plan a sleeping schedule for when to go to bed and wake up.  

Your morning emotions influence your energy levels throughout the day. Whether it be smooth music or loud, noisy voices, it is never good to set multiple alarms. With the constant interruption of waking up and falling asleep, you will feel more tired even if you slept longer.  

As recommended by Ms. Bauman, if you want to set multiple alarms, have at least twenty minutes in between the two alarms so you can get through a full cycle of sleep.  

A final step for you is to follow or create a routine. “Often times we try to wake up and go right away,” said Ms. Bauman.  

We recommend having a routine, so people don’t have to rush through in the morning. A good way to start off your day includes having a cup of tea or stretching, to let our bodies feel comfortable for the day.  

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About the Contributor
Lisa Peng, Co-Editor of Photography
Zodiac signs might not mean much to you, but once you meet Lisa Peng ('24), you will see that she embodies her astrological sign, a Capricorn. Lisa, like a Capricorn, is known for being persistent, hardworking, loyal, ambitious, and often making her achievements seem like they take no effort at all. Over the summer, Lisa exemplified these traits by immersing herself in rigorous programs that exposed her to different creative writing styles. She attended the New York Times program where she learned new techniques and practiced her writing skills. As a Photography Editor at the WCC, Lisa will make full use of the techniques she learned and continue her love for highlighting individual people. In other words, you had better keep an eye out: you may be featured in her next story.  Besides being a part of the WCC, she is also bringing her Capricorn energy to as a day student prefect and plans to be involved in organizing more Webb events. This year, Lisa plans to keep up her hard work taking on her new editing position while also incorporating many new creative pieces to the WCC using her greatest talent: an effortless ability to bring things from her imagination to reality. Favorite Song: "Fallin' Flower" by Seventeen 

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