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Uncovering the secrets of your packages

Nathan Silva, Student Services Coordinator, stands beside the package shelf with the packages piled up even though it is just the beginning of school after winter break. Students on the other hand also use this opportunity as a way of bonding. “I love talking to Mr. Silva while getting my packages,” Emily Shao (‘26) said. “We actually know each other because I get so many packages.” Due to the “exchange of gifts,” the hard work also brought Mr. Silva deeper into the Webb community.

Path 1: You click “place your order” on Amazon. Two or three days later, your package reaches you miraculously from Mr. Silva’s hands.  

Path 2: You click “place your order” on Amazon. Two or three days later, you walk into Stockdale Community Center but Mr. Silva claims that he does not have your package yet. Why?  

“Some people that are really on their phone expect their package to be ready when they come to pick it up, but I always have to tell them they are still in the process,” Mr. Silva said.  

When your order arrives on campus, it is first sent to the security, then divided into faculty or students’ packages. The staff scans the label using the Envoy system, which auto-generates an email for you to get your package. However, receiving the email does not mean your package has arrived in the Stockdale Community Center. The last part of the process involves security driving the packages from the circle to to Stockdale Community Center in a big tote, where Mr. Silva organizes them in the backroom.  

“I would say there is a 99% success rate,” Mr. Silva said. “Even though the 1% does exist, usually in a couple days that issue is resolved.”  

Maintaining such a proud success record requires an organized storing strategy. In the backroom of Mr. Silva’s office, there is a shelf just for the students’ packages. In order to be able to locate your order right away from the mountain of packages, Mr. Silva alphabetizes them A to Z from the left side of the building to the right side.  

While overlooking the deliveries, Mr. Silva has also noticed interesting shopping trends among Webb students. “Stress buying is a big thing,” Mr. Silva said. “When people get busier, like the end of semester, there is a large influx of deliveries. Overall, there’re more Amazon packages now than ever compared to a few years ago.”   

Though the workload is hard and tedious, Mr. Silva finds joy in seeing the students’ smiling faces when they receive the orders. 

 “You clicked ‘buy’ on your phone, and at the very end of the process is me handing it to you, “Mr. Silva said. “The completion of the process is the best part for me.”  

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