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Toe socks or no socks

Eleanor Hong (‘24) rocks a stance in a pair of colorful toe socks up at the track at Faculty Field. These socks, which are noticeably different from regular socks, come in a multitude of styles and colors to make feet fashionable and comfortable. Credit: Kaylynn Chang (‘23)

Toe socks. Whether you hate them or love them, there are many benefits they provide to everyone: fashionable, trendy, and most of all, comfortable, toe socks are a far superior choice to the single-function, regular sock.  

Originating in the 1970s, toe socks became fashionable in the 1990s as people started realizing their usefulness, specifically for athletics. However, only in the 21st century did toe socks begin to be mass manufactured.  

Keeping each individual toe warm and blister-free, toe socks are the ultimate solution to uncomfortable hiking problems, cold winter days, and more. They improve circulation, as they are fitted for each digit, and they keep your feet dry as well with maximum absorption. These developments make toe socks an appealing choice for cross country or track and field runners. 

In contrast, regular socks have only a few uses: they can only protect your feet from the cold and could be a part of your outfit—two functions which toe socks already have. In fact, every function provided by normal socks is provided by toe socks, but with added benefits.  

For example,: have you ever dropped your pencil on the floor? The inconvenience of bending over in your chair or out of it to pick up that tiny, slippery little tool that you need for studying takes precious minutes and forces you to miss valuable information from class. But with toe socks, these inconveniences can all be avoided. Just slip off your shoe and pick up the object with your foot. The unwillingness to pick that tiny object off the floor that rolled just out of easy reach of your arms, and instead tried to roll it closer with your feet. Toe socks offer an even more convenient method to do this.  

Not only do toe socks protect your toes from hiking-induced blisters, sores, and chafing, but they also solve an age-old dilemma: socks with sandals. With toe socks, you can also wear sandals and various toe-separating shoes with toe socks. Now, you can wear these casual and comfortable shoes while keeping your feet warm with comfortable socks. They give your toes and feet extra mobility while looking fabulous as an added benefit. They also come in all colors and patterns, so you can still mix up your wardrobe and have classy foot fashion. 

“Toe socks are great,” Emilia Bordage (’23) said. “They are like sleeping bags for your feet.”  

Toe socks keep your feet comfortable, and they are subtle until you take your shoes off. If you do remove your shoes, toe socks are a great conversation starter because of their noteworthy appearance and intricate design. 

“They are so zany,” Emilia said. “I like that they keep my feet warm, and I can wear sandals with them. It makes good gifts, but people might be overwhelmed by their iconicness.” 

Toe socks are a great gift. Because they are so unique, many people do not already have them in their wardrobe. Those that do are sure to be glad to accept more after experiencing their comfort and convenience. 

However, there are also some disadvantages when it comes to toe socks such as their one-size-fits-all approach, and the questionable stares you might receive when you first reveal them. 

“I think toe socks are discriminatory for those of us out there with different sized toes and webbing, as they can be uncomfortable,” said Elle Brosh, humanities department faculty. “It’s aesthetic, but sometimes it irritates my feet. I wish that they made toe socks for different sized toes.” 

Although toe socks are incredibly convenient and comfortable, the toes on the toe socks may not necessarily fit every foot. Similar to gloves not fitting your hands, toe sections on the socks can be either too long or too short. However, there are  various modifications that can be made to toe socks in order to adjust them to your comfort. For feet with more webbing on the toe, you can simply cut between each toe on the sock before putting it on. For feet with longer or shorter toes, simply cut the ends of the toe socks to achieve an effect similar to fingerless gloves. To prevent cut lines from fraying, you can either sew or tape the exposed threads together. 

The more controversial issue, however, is the matter of appearance. Toe socks have a notorious reputation for being ‘ugly’ or ‘weird’. The issue of visual appeal is heavily polarized, with one side despising the way toe socks look, the other correctly praising toe socks as the height of fashion, and, the remainder leaves for very little compromise in the middle. 

When asked on STAS the opinions of the student body showed such extreme contrast. 

“An article of clothing that only the most fashionable wear. Wear it in ALL four seasons. Great tread and comfy too! Now you can wear socks with sandles without any discomfort,” Emily Black (’24) said.  

On the other foot, Kiera Yap (’22) came out strongly opposing toe socks. 

“I’m sorry. Toe socks? That’s the nastiest thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Rancid,” Kiera said. 

“Why?” William Yang (‘24) said.  

Others had much to critique about the novelty of toe socks. 

“Looks like an ‘As seen on TV’ Type of product. You think you need it, then instantly regret it,” Phillip Park (‘25) said. 

“Next thing we know they come out with toe shoes,” Maven Li (‘24) said. 

Despite these hard objections, everyone should look past the peculiarity of toe socks and focus on the multitude of benefits they bring to the table. 

Whether for hiking or disorderly fashion, toe socks can be paired with any shoe. High heels? Wear skin-colored toe socks for maximum comfort and style. Running shoes? Toe socks pair great for extra mobility and less scrunching. Slippers? Slip into them and walk around without the inevitable slipper fold that happens due to loose-fitting socks.  

Versatile in almost every aspect, these socks have multiple uses that are not just limited to footwear. In addition to providing everything regular socks do, toe socks are a great conversation starter, a rad Christmas gift, or a vital part of your wardrobe. There are no limits for the use of toe socks, and if you are really in a pinch, they could double as gloves as well (Although we would recommend keeping them on your feet). 

Whether you still are not convinced about toe socks superiority or you think trouble is afoot, toe socks are here to stay regardless. Innovative, daring, and willing to challenge the norms of daily life, toe socks are the future of fashion, making our lives better one step at a time. 

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Kaylynn Chang
Kaylynn Chang, Editor-In-Chief
An avid bookworm, journalist, and sushi lover, head day student prefect Kaylynn Chang (‘23) comes back to the Webb Canyon Chronicle for one last year as Editor- In- Chief! If you want someone to cook you a heartwarming meal, give you the best book recommendations, or help you with homework, Kaylynn is the right person for you. Equipped with a loud whistle, she manages to successfully get her voice heard through creative writing and independent journalism, as well as helping others achieve the same by leading affinity groups. She wants to continue using her talent and passion for justice for a career in law or politics after her Webb experience is over. When she’s not learning through everyone else’s life stories and memoirs, Kaylynn enjoys working out, cooking Korean food, and listening to her favorite songs by Cigarettes After Sex. From baking delicious snacks to giving you the most genuine advice, Kaylynn has the perfect recipe for looking after others and giving back to the community. As Editor-in- Chief, she hopes to make the WCC an accessible resource for all students and aspiring journalists to learn and share news about Webb.  Favorite Song: “Sunsetz" by Cigarettes after Sex 
Eleanor Hong
Eleanor Hong, Chief Copy Editor
Pencils, pens, poetry, playwright, but most importantly, passion; Eleanor Hong (‘24) refuses to let her senior year cede to boredom. Whether it is ink on paper or fingers on a keyboard, her writing captures the attention and hearts of readers all around her community. From her friends and family to random strangers, she entertains and informs through any medium of written art. She recently finished writing a ninety-seven-page play over the summer, which she hopes to get produced in the future. Her passion is unrestricted by discrimination faced by the people in her community; she writes because she is proud. Lately, Eleanor has become very driven about issues of internalized misogyny and being Asian in America, much of her work tackling these important issues and inspiring those around her. She is a writer of truth. An activist. A poet. A playwright. And luckily for Webb Canyon Chronicle, she is a heck of a journalist.  Favorite Song: "Ai No Corrida" by Quincy Jones & Charles May

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