Graphic courtesy of Nancy Lin ('23).

Recreating Price Dining Hall favorites

It’s 11:50 on a Wednesday, and you’ve finally finished your second class of the day. As you rush to the Price Dining Hall, you wonder what the dessert will be for today. Chocolate chip cookies? Baklava? Or the eclairs coated with the sweetest layer of chocolate icing? You enter the dining hall and before you line up for the main course, you peek to your right and see a neatly arranged tray of blondies. A crowd of students huddle over the trays, eagerly waiting for their turn snag the treat. You do the same, because you know that the trays will be empty by the time you finish lunch.  

Does the scene above sound familiar? If you’re a returning Webb student, that was probably your daily lunch routine back when virtual classes were non-existent. However, with the global pandemic, many of us are left missing those delicious treats that used to make our day after an exhausting day of classes. With Christmas break coming up, here is a compilation of recipes for some fan-favorite Price Dining Hall desserts. Let’s bake!

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Apple Pie

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