How to Zine


Paige Woodard

Making your own zine is an easy way to be creative, share your passions, and spread ideas!

Zines began in the 1930s as a way for science-fiction fans to share ideas, theories, and analyses with others in the community. Later on, zines were used by the counterculture movements to spread information, art, and political ideas. There are several online zine libraries and collections, many of which provide free access to zines. Check out the Right to FoodSherwood Forest Zine Library, and the Queer Zine Archive Project. 

Anyone can make a zine. Making the book itself is rather simple, and you can fill it with anything you want: art, poetry, information, or whatever else you desire. If you want to share your zine with others, simply create one and use a copy machine to reproduce it.  

At Webb, zines could be used for any number of things. A club leader can create one to spread information about their next meeting. A student activist can share information about social and political movements. An artist can share their newest comic book or art piece.  

Zines have a long and rich history, and you can contribute with only a pencil, paper, scissors, and an idea