Study Groups create an unfair advantage


Ryan Walker ('23)

here is a disconnect from the rest of the community when a student is off campus.

On March 1st, Webb allowed local students back onto campus for small-sized study groups. This gives the students the chance to collaborate with other students to help with their school projects, or work through problems together. 

 The students who chose to go back to campus take online classes in a dorm room, have lunch in their cohorts, and have extra time to interact with students in their cohorts. Many students have taken advantage of opportunities, but many students are unable to join.  

These opportunities have given local students a leg up on the students who either live too far away or have other reasons why they are unable to sign up. Some of these students feel left out, and as they are not being prioritized right now. Others say that it is unfair that these students can better interact with the Webb community. 

“I am unable to go to Webb for certain reasons, and sometimes I feel as if the students that are on campus right now are being prioritized,” Jack Messina (‘23) said. “They have to get help from other students. They can engage with each other in small groups and help each other with their work.  

I understand Webb is trying their best at this time to allow as many people as possible to get back on campus and get things back to normal, but I feel as they are prioritizing the on-campus study groups more.” 

It has been a struggle for Webb faculty to balance their resources, especially with students all around the world.. A lot of what they have done has been great, but it is hard to cater to everyone. Sometimes, the international students feel as though they are not getting the same opportunity local students are getting. 

Clifford Khowara (‘21) is hoping that Webb will give more opportunities to international students. He wishes he could be back on campus to get the same experience that local students could get, but he cannot because he lives 8,836 miles away. 

“It is a bummer living in Indonesia, and not seeing my friends like I used to be able to,” Clifford said. I think that Webb sometimes focuses so much on trying to get the local students back on campus that they put less attention on international students. 

It can be hard for the students who are not on campus to interact with other students, or even set up times to work together. There is a feel of disconnect from the rest of the school when a student is unable to see classmates in person.