One giant leap for student kind

The survey on STAS shows the diversity of interests the students want to see in their meals. Graphic courtesy of Summer Chen

The survey on STAS shows the diversity of interests the students want to see in their meals. Graphic courtesy of Summer Chen

For a long time at Webb, Friday night dinners have been known as “chef’s choice.”  On a typical Friday night, there is less help in the kitchen so “chef’s choice” made it possible to have a more convenient clean-up.

The kitchen staff, in cooperation with a new student leadership group led by Mr. Duque known as S.W.A.G. (Student Weekend Activity Group), has created the opportunity for students to choose their own dinners on Friday nights. Now, instead of displaying “chef’s choice” on the menu, it shows “kids’ choice”. However, this does not mean that there are not any limitations to their options. Students will not be able to enjoy anything beyond what is pertained as a usual school meal.

At Webb, students will have conversations and work towards turning these problems into solutions. However, students have different perspectives on what needs to change and a consensus can be hard to reach. Also, any small change affects all of the members of the Webb community, and getting permission from all of these different student groups can prove to be difficult. With the new addition of S.W.A.G., there is now a fun way to include students in all grades and both schools to ensure changes that are made embody…. the entirety of the student population. This teamwork also inspires other students to make a difference.

S.W.A.G.’s first accomplishment was the new addition of student choice dinners on Friday nights, which allow students to anticipate what they are going to eat. At the moment, there is an open survey asking for students’ suggestions on STAS. The current suggestions include Chipotle Style Burrito bowls, Chicken Nuggets or Tofu Nuggets, and Noodle or Ramen Bowls.

“Student Choice Dinners will be determined through an online poll filled out by Webb students,” says Emma Lin (‘20), member of S.W.A.G. Currently, pizza and chicken nuggets are the top responses. The polls on STAS try to guarantee that all students will enjoy and eat the dinner provided in the dining hall.

This implementation began two weeks ago when the first student choice dinner was served. It proved to be successful with the first dish being street tacos.The week after, Poke bowls were for dinner. So far, the students have been loving the ability to voice their opinion on what is served for dinner. “The poke was awesome,” said Willy Martinez (‘19). Students are also excited about the future dinners, “I’m super pumped about the chicken tenders on Saturday night,” said Elena Monroe (‘18).

This Saturday, November 11, keep a look out for chicken tenders before homecoming!