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Pickles are the best, fight me

Sharon Xu
Pickles are the best food ever! They are not only extremely tasty but also good for your health. Pickles can be eaten with other foods or alone as a snack and come in a variety of different flavors. Everyone should love pickles.

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Dearest reader, let me give you the most important public service announcement. Pickles are one of the best foods in existence, and I will fight anyone who disagrees.

Crunchy, salty, sour, and sweet — pickles are absolutely amazing. They are delicious on burgers, make a perfect addition to any sandwich, and are delectable eaten alone as a snack.

My family has always loved eating pickles with everything, even pizza. Whenever I opened the fridge, next to the milk and juice, we always had a big jar of pickles ready to go for meals or snacking. Some of my fondest memories of pickles are when my mom would bring home a Costco pizza, bring out the jar of pickles, and my family would crunch on pickles with our pizza at dinner. These tasty morsels of goodness will always hold a special place in my heart.

So, what exactly is a pickle? Generally speaking, pickles are any food preserved in an acid, but when most people hear the word pickle, cucumbers preserved in vinegar and various spices are what come to mind, the best kind of pickles.

Lots of pickle-haters will express their distaste for pickles by claiming that they look gross and taste terrible. Some people can also find the vinegar smell overpowering and some just do not like their flavor.

“My distaste for pickles begins at the fact [that] they are slimy, foul-smelling cucumbers that have sat in a sour brine for who knows how long.,” Nicholas Theobald (‘22) said when asked about why he does not like pickles. “I fail to understand how any of these traits would appeal to anybody.”

Granted, a cucumber floating in a slightly green liquid with flakes of seasoning might not look incredibly pleasant. However, they should not be judged based on their aesthetic value but rather the flavor they hold. To say that pickles taste bad is simply reckless. They have the perfect crunch that makes them satisfying to eat, and every bite provides a tangy, salty flavor bomb in your mouth.

“Pickles have a unique sour flavor without being too overbearing,” Stephanie Ma (‘25) said.

Pickles can be lightly sweetened, hot and spicy, or flavored with numerous other things from dill to garlic. You can have whole cucumbers, slices, or even the huge pickles they sell at Disneyland.

Not only do pickles taste great, but they also have numerous health benefits as well. In one neat package, pickles deliver all the nutrition of vinegar, spices, and cucumbers. Pickles have a high concentration of vitamins and minerals. Cucumbers are high in vitamin A which has been shown to lower your chances of dying of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and respiratory disease. Drinking pickle juice after exercise can help replace lost electrolytes, ease muscle cramps, and level your blood sugar. All great bonuses you will get from consuming a fantastic pickle.

Despite my boundless love for pickles, they are quite salty. The problem with salt is that too much can raise your blood pressure and leech calcium from your bones.  However, eating pickles in moderation and watching your sodium intake from other foods will likely not harm your health. Instead, it is highly possible that your health and happiness will benefit from some tasty pickles.

Now that you know what pickles are and why they should be a staple food in your life, go out and buy some pickles! Better yet, make your own!


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About the Contributor
Sharon Xu
Sharon Xu, Editor of News
Unlike her favorite animal, the panda, Sharon Xu (‘22) is a go-getter and always tries her best. An amicable, assiduous South Hutch prefect that dances, Sharon is truly one of a kind. She is also the Editor of News for the Webb Canyon Chronicle and strives for informative, intellectual, and imaginative news articles for all of Webb to read. Sharon can often be found hanging out at the Appleby Lawn or studying in the library. Her favorite book is “One Last Stop,” in which Jane, the main character, finds herself on an unescapable train and makes a home for herself there. Just like Jane, Sharon is encapsulated by the “Webb web” and makes the most out of every situation she finds herself in. For example, when faced with the terrifying prospect of “math,” Sharon, despite many setbacks, works tirelessly and overcomes this hurdle. This work ethic translates to every aspect of her life. Whether it is authoring compelling articles for journalism or taking care of her two cats, Sushi and Doctor Spencer Reed, Sharon will always put her all into it. Favorite song: "How You Get the Girl" by Taylor Swift

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