Pierre Sun

Pierre devours an incredible spread of Chinese dishes with friends, commemorating Chinese New Year’s Eve altogether. Some key dishes are the dumplings, the “小炒牛肉” (xiao chao niu rou) stir-fried beef in Chinese, the “红烧肉” (hong shao rou), braised pork in Chinese, and “酸菜鱼” (suan cai yu), the delicious green pickled fish in the center of the table. The meal before the actual day is called “年夜饭” (nian ye fan), New Year’s Eve dinner.

Pierre Sun (‘23), Shanghai, China

Pierre usually will get “红包” (hong bao), red packets filled with money, watch fireworks, “拜年” (bai nian), say Happy New Year, visit relatives, and hang out with his cousins. This year was very different for him. He remained optimistic as he took advantage of the ability to order and recreated the extravagant meal he would have had at home.

He ate “年夜饭” (nian ye fan), New Year’s Eve dinner with his friends and sent each other red packets on WeChat.

“I felt okay, because I have friends here and could order Chinese food,” Pierre said. “I still got a chance to “过年” (guo nian), celebrate the new year.”

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