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Initiative to connect without tech!

Berklee Antecol
The Honor Cabinet members placed posters all over the dining hall and the tables. The posters read, “Don’t use tech! Try to connect!” to promote conversation. “So many posters were published around campus as a way to launch the initiative in a noticeable way,” said Frannie Hinch (‘25), an Honor Cabinet member. “the main goal of the posters was to remind people that by not using their tech they would form better communities.” This campaign serves to help remind Webbies to have genuine, face-to-face conversations with each other instead of connecting through technology.

At Webb, students are often seen listening to music, texting, playing games, and doing homework using technology. On Webb’s campus, technology is a vast part of every student’s lives.  

While technology plays a pivotal role in getting homework done, students are still consumed by technology in other ways, like social media. A recent poll on STAS, aimed at asking Webb students about their screen time usage, students on campus have an average of 35 hours of screen time per week. This can lead to a lack of interpersonal connections with each other.  

“Before the pandemic, we were very much community-orientated spaces and didn’t have technology and wanted to ensure that we were creating spaces for people to feel like it is okay to be off their phone,” said Dr. Theresa Smith, Head of Schools. “So, I feel like it was a long-time coming conversation with adults but also with students about how they want to live their life.” 

Even while eating, Webbies are seen with technology in hand. Students with a screen instead of interacting with each other is a sad sight. 

Although technology provides many benefits, an emotionless screen should not be a Webbie’s only friend, and that is where the no tech, try and connect initiative comes into play. 

“Say there are no phones in the dining hall, it can help in all aspects of Webb, like in chapel or in the classroom,” said Nicole Rabadi (‘24), a member of the Honor Cabinet. “It shows students how important it is to connect with the people around you.” 

Regardless, even with the HCs and faculty trying to solve this problem of students spending too much time on technology, many Webbies are having trouble adapting to the new dining hall rules. 

“The new rule was definitely an adjustment for me,” Penelope Sugihara (‘25) said. “However, it was also nice to talk to my friends more face-to-face.” 

Webbies’ challenging adjustment period shows the necessity behind this change, as technology was consuming the community and stopping face-to-face interactions, even when people are sitting in the same room. 

So, let us start to branch out by using less technology and instead trying to connect. 

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Berklee Antecol
Berklee Antecol, Co-Editor of Opinion
As a fashionista, Berklee Antecol (‘25) not only loves the design side of fashion but also the statistics. Although she wants to study economics or business in the future, Berklee also has a fascination with the fashion industry. Her personality is like a vibrant pink fabric in a mix of pastel colors. This gradient is carried through her experiences in the Webb community; wherever you are, she will stand out as a bright glow of energy and positivity. Like a seamstress selecting the right thread for the fabric, she works as an admission ambassador, introducing prospective students into the fabric of the Webb community. Yet Berklee's life is not just bold pink; she can settle into paler, calmer hues of pink as well. She loves to snuggle on the couch and click play on her favorite Netflix show, Gilmore Girls, or listen to calm music like Still Woozy to improve her homework efficiency. This year, as the Editor of Opinion, Berklee wants to jump into a fast-working mindset and to write and publish as many articles as she can. Like sewing haute couture, Berklee is always ready to go with fast quality work.   Song: I Feel Fantastic - Riovaz
Sydney Mildon
Sydney Mildon, Co-Editor of Features
When speaking with Sydney Mildon (‘25), you should always expect the unexpected. Usually quiet in class, Sydney can be strikingly loud when the vibe feels right. A bubbly and talkative person, she likes to hang out with friends, go on weekend runs, try different foods, and watch Gilmore Girls on replay. This summer, she traveled with her family to the Bahamas, Utah, and back to her home in Las Vegas. While enjoying the lighthearted side of life, Sydney also takes on many responsibilities in the Webb community. As a prefect for Jones dormitory, she takes care of her fellow boarders and ensures that they can fully engage in residential life. As an admission ambassador, she introduces prospective Webb students to the campus family. As a scholar, she is passionate about women's rights and is interested in becoming a lawyer to pursue the legal aspects of feminism and rape culture. Returning to the WCC as Editor of Features, Sydney is willing to have fun with her role while ensuring WCC articles’ quality. Additionally, she wants to increase the amount of her article outputs this year. With so many different aspects coming together in her, let us expect the unexpected articles from Sydney Mildon this year!   Favorite Song: "Lovers Rock" by TV Girl

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