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Webb students revel in a buoyant Holi celebration

Evan Li
“Imagine a scene of sheer jubilation: a bustling gathering of friends and strangers alike, armed with buckets of vibrant powders, poised for an epic clash of hues, said Mala Taylor, Albert Taylor’s (‘26) mother, in an email. Holi embodies a certain, intrinsic closeness, reflected at Webb’s own celebration. “With infectious laughter and playful banter, they dive headlong into a riotous whirlwind of color, painting the air with joy and camaraderie.”

Dyed in the color of exuberance, Webb was inspirited with vibrant feelings of excitement and joy, like paint on an easel, mixing and conforming into a luminous portrait.  

On Wednesday, March 27th, a celebration for Holi was hosted on Centennial Field; a vivid exhibition of color and liveliness, and a testament to a multicultural spirit within our school.  

Holi is a traditional Hindu festival, known widely as the Festival of Colors. A prominently commemorated day in India and Nepal, Holi is celebrated with colorful powders and dyes, thrown into the streets and cities, filled with laughter and togetherness, imbued with the spirituality of mythology, and a delectable collection of foods and delicacies given out to one another. Holi presents itself as fully animated, a truly jovial and exhilarating experience. 

During long lunch, students gathered at Centennial field, near the door to Stockdale Community Center’s southern entrance. Provided with a clean white shirt and prepared with colored powders and dyed water guns, students and faculty spent the afternoon of an otherwise typical academic day throwing bursts of color upon each other, soaking the shirts through a range of colors.  

The event was prepared by John Choi, Director of Equity, and came to fruition with the help of Albert Taylor (‘26) and his family, who brought along the colored powders and traditional delicacies for Holi, such as Laddu, Jalebi, and other assorted sweets. Kai Dholakia (‘27), Maya Dholakia (‘21), and Sujata Sheth, Badminton Head Coach, also provided help.  

“I think it’s really great that a part of my heritage and culture is being represented at Webb,” Albert Taylor (‘26) said. “Students can enjoy a holiday that has had a big impact in my life, being able to eat new foods, try new activities, and be a part of a celebration that they wouldn’t be able to see in different schools.” 

Here at Webb, Holi represents a message beyond its festivities and history. In a previous email sent to Student News, a message by Mala Taylor, Albert’s mother, helped introduce the significance of the event.  

“Holi is more than just a festival of colors; it’s a testament to the beauty of diversity and the power of unity,” Mala said. “It’s a day when people of all backgrounds and beliefs come together, celebrating their differences and finding common ground in shared laughter and joy.” 

Because of its diverse student population, Webb can offer uncharted experiences to a new audience, to explore a new side of a culture. It is also through this diversity, in which our community can find a certain interconnectedness. Regardless of Webb’s differing cultures and identities, we can all find the fragments of humanity we share together.  

“For us, it’s one of the cultural festivals that reminds us why it’s so important to celebrate all members of our community, in whatever way feels best to them,” said Mr. Choi and Gretel Barsotti, Assistant Director of Equity, in a joint statement about the event. “Standing out on Centennial Field and watching all kinds of different students have a complete blast during a long lunch was simply beautiful. Seeing serious Webb students turn into playful kids is one of our favorite things to see. The event reminds us of the importance of fostering unity in diversity.”


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