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The perfect guide for a Webbie to move out

Lauren Gutierrez (’25) begins to pack her chaotic Jameson room. With an assortment of miscellaneous, the moving process appears as a lengthy and tedious one.

Some may say finals week, AP testing, or leadership interviews are the most stressful parts of the year. However, moving out for boarders is often one of the most strenuous and time-consuming periods. 

Many boarders, especially freshmen, have no idea what to expect and how to prepare for this time of year. Here is the perfect guide you need to make moving out quick, convenient, and easy!  

  1. Figure out your budget  

During every move-out process, Webb offers an option for boarders to make their experience easier. In the past years, there have been storage pods for the students to load up right before the summer begins. Many found these large-shared containers an accessible and easy alternative. However, this school year will be much different.  

Webb students have the choice to sign up for a new company called Dorm Room Movers where price will depend on the amount and size of each box. After packing up your room, the company will come in and take your items.  

Compared to the usual cost of the pods, the new system is significantly pricier and may not be affordable for everyone. Before you begin organizing and packing, figuring out the best option for storage is crucial. If the company that Webb is working with is not affordable for your situation, then finding support and discussing it with your dorm head, deans, Mr. Silva, or a trusted adult is highly advised. The other alternatives include having a local storage space that can be shared with friends or having a friend nearby hold your personal belongings.  

       2. Get all your supplies (boxes or containers, tape, sharpies) 

Once we reach the last week of school, everything comes hurling in like a storm. Students begin scrambling to find boxes, searching from dorm to dorm, and stealing tape the first chance they get.  

One of the best decisions you will make is getting your boxes early. Keep an eye out for any Webb runs to Lowe’s, Staples, or supply shops so you can get your boxes in time for move-out. Make sure you get more boxes than you think because you will be surprised by how much stuff you have in your room. If you decide to use Dorm Room Movers, you will especially need to tape your boxes well and label them with your name.  

       3. Deep clean your room 

It is very likely that your room has accumulated items you may have forgotten about. It is important you deep clean your room before you move out so you can figure out if you need to give away anything.  

One of the most important parts is your closet, especially as you are heading into summer. There is a good chance you will be storing a lot of winter clothes you will not use. Make sure you dedicate one day to going through everything in your room: your closet, miscellaneous items, etc.  

       4. Decide what you will bring home and separate those items from everything else in your room 

Being in a rush and feeling overwhelmed is never ideal. To make sure you do not find yourself in a place where you are rushing to get boxes packed up and your room cleaned, you must space out what you want to pack. It is obviously most convenient to do this as early as possible. You should be taking home the clothes and items that are collecting a bit of dust. 

“Consolidate the stuff in your room,” Frannie Hinch (‘25) said. “You can fix more in a box than you think.” 

Remember to think back to the last time you wore or used a certain item —if it has been a significant amount of time, reconsider if you want to keep it.  

       5. Remember not to create excessive waste! Donate, sell, recycle 

Last but certainly not least, do not waste! Every single year, Webbies find themselves throwing away items that are still in quality condition, and we see the trash cans fill up quickly. Do not be someone who throws away something they could easily donate or sell. 

Keep an eye out for fellow dorm residents who also may give away or sell items at discounted prices. You can find practically anything from clothes to shoes and even textbooks.  

Typically, in most dorms, there are designated boxes that are set up towards the end of the year for people to go through. Eventually, they are often brought to the nearest Goodwill and ensure that items we may no longer have space for can be of good use somewhere else! 

While moving out at Webb can be stressful, it does not have to be. During this emotional yet exciting time of the year, do yourself the favor of following our advice! 

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Yuki Layman
Yuki Layman, Co-Editor of News
Having lived all around the globe from Shanghai, China, to Boston, Massachusetts, and most recently Washington D.C., Yuki Layman ('25) knows that home is where she makes it.! Yuki is an engaged student in all her classes, but it is her strong knowledge in Humanities that impresses her teachers. Especially, during her Advanced Studies Culture and Politics at the Border class, taught by one of her favorite teachers at Webb, Mr. Huerta. Yuki spends her free time in a variety of ways, either going to the village with friends or simply watching Top Boy, her personal favorite TV show that her brother highly recommended. Although she enjoys going out, she stays connected with her life back home by making sure to call her family every night. As well as staying up-to-date with current events, jumping into hot-topic debates with her lawyer dad and brother who is studying International Relations. Coming back to the Webb Canyon Chronicle this year as Editor of News, Yuki is ready to keep the Webb community informed accurately as a Jameson resident again, making Webb her home for the rest of year.   Favorite Song: "1539 N. Calvert" by JPEGMAFIA
Lauren Gutierrez
Lauren Gutierrez, Co-Editor of Culture and Lifetyle
A splash of pink paint on a black background – we are familiar with this Pink Panther intro – but to Lauren Gutierrez (‘25), this 32-second video has a special place in her heart. This clip is the intro to Lauren herself, an energetic artist who embodies Pink Panther’s curiosity. She is always ready for new adventures, creating unforgettable memories with friends and exciting concerts that inspire her art. Even when the performers are not on her playlist, or the item is one of a kind in the thrift store, she welcomes them to her eclectic collection. Sparkling with various genres and dazzling with tunes, Lauren’s playlist is no less colorful – SZA, Brent Faiyaz, Frank Ocean, Taylor Swift, Rosalía, etc. Constantly seeking to broaden her horizon, Lauren's summer at Groton Program for Intercultural Exchange Conference in Groton, Massachusetts, with Webb was an eye-opening experience that allowed her to hold meaningful conversations about social issues like security, AI, and culture preservation on a global scale. Joining the Webb Canyon Chronicle is not an exception to her exploration and creativity – Lauren looks forward to diving into the world of writing and exploring different journalistic skills as the Culture and Lifestyle editor.   Favorite Song: "90 Proof" by Smino (ft. J. Cole)

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