BROCKHAMPTON: America’s boyband


BROCKHAMPTON, “the best boy band since One Direction” sits outside of their home in East Los Angeles. Courtesy of Vice

Skyler Rivera, Editor-In-Chief of Social Media

BROCKHAMPTON, a group of 15 dudes dubbed “America’s Boyband,” is taking the United States by storm with their album trilogy “Saturation.”  


BROCKHAMPTON began when Kevin Abstract posted on a Kanye West fan forum that he wanted to start a rap group. His idea spurred from Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook story. Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard and began to work on Facebook in a think tank.


Abstract wondered if a similar concept could work in the music industry. So he took to the internet and sent out a text in the chat about starting a rap group. A lot of people responded to his idea but few were daring enough when Abstract asked them to move to Texas with him. Twelve guys from around the United States moved to Texas and lived in a two story house to work on a debut album.


The group produced an EP track that attracted attention from VICELAND, Vice Magazine’s TV network. VICELAND followed BROCKHAMPTON to East LA where they lived in an abandoned frat house on the outer edge of the USC campus. BROCKHAMPTON produced 3 albums: Saturation, Saturation II, and Saturation III.


BROCKHAMPTON’s sound is spunky rap, sprinkled with aggressive dialog. Hidden within the funk are political messages, memories of a good time, and reminiscence of childhood dreams. BROCKHAMPTON turns up the bass and adds a little spice to typical rap in their body-moving, feet shaking, head-banging tracks.


Self-proclaimed “pop” musicians BROCKHAMPTON members take turns spitting fire and telling listeners the innermost workings of their minds through aggressive lyrics. The sound of BROCKHAMPTON may turn off some listeners, as they are 15 different people with different backgrounds and different styles of music all mashed together to form one song.


Not only is BROCKHAMPTON transcending genres by claiming to be a pop group, but they have also transcended the music industry by taking the road less traveled.


Three years since that fateful day when Kevin Abstract pressed send on his laptop, BROCKHAMPTON has sold out shows in Los Angeles and New York, playing shows internationally, and is scheduled to play at the Coachella music festival later this year.


The music industry is undergoing a year of progression with artists stepping out of the mediocre and the “norm” to create change. BROCKHAMPTON’s success represents the power of the internet to build a musical empire and how a dream could become a reality with the click of a button.

BROCKHAMPTON, “the best boy band since One Direction” sits outside of their home in East Los Angeles. Courtesy of Vice