Teamwork makes the dream work at Webb Idol showdown


The WSC boarding students danced their hearts out and worked together on the Quad in hopes of being the annual Webb Idol winner. Graphics courtesy of Elena Monroe (‘18).

On February 19, the boarding students of WSC battled in the ultimate dorm competition. Webb Idol is an annual dance-off that takes place in the quad during lunch. Each team is divided into the students of their respective dorms, including Alamo, Jameson, Kirkhill and Reynolds, and Holt and Macleod.

This year, the panel of guest judges included Christina Duron, Stephen Caddy, and Malick Mbengue, teachers at the Webb Schools. Following each performance, they gave feedback about the dance and then graded accordingly. The scoring system was based on points for creativity, choreography, and props.

The boys of Holt and Macleod, dressed in black, presented the opening number of Webb Idol by busting out moves to the sounds of K-Pop. They squirted spray water bottles and water guns at each other, but Mr. Ken Rosenfeld sent out an email later that day addressing their use of props.

He said, “The timeliness of the performance with what happened in Florida was most certainly not ideal…Unfortunately, the dance had been choreographed well-before the incident, and considering the time and energy that had already gone into practicing the routine, they adapted and adjusted the choreography as much as possible to allow the students to perform what they had worked on, but soften any correlation with the tragic event last week.”

Second up were the residents of Jameson, who carried out an animated dance-off between Mario and Bowser, portrayed by Bryan Wei (‘18) and Tony Jun (‘18) respectively. Their use of instruments, singers, and props enhanced their video game-themed performance.

Following Jameson, Kirkhill and Reynolds joined together to let loose as they rocked along to iconic songs, such as “Livin’ on a Prayer” and “Y.M.C.A.”

Wrapping up the competition, Alamo (and Brzo the Bear) blew the judges away with their confident spirit and athletic shorts. They began by slow dancing to a love song but progressed forward with high-energy songs and a back flip executed by Drew Hersch (‘19).

At the moment the judges announced the winner of the 2018 Webb Idol winners, the excitement from the boarders and Mr. Kevin Quick, Alamo Dorm Head exploded throughout the quad. Alamo took home the win as Webb Idol Champions for the first time in over five years.

Even though Webb Idol is a competition, the event was a unifying and lighthearted experience for all those who participated.