Say “Hello” to the Webb Canyon Chronicle’s newest Instagram


Emma Lin ('20)

Ben Martinez (’19) and Woosuk Kang (’19) enjoy the content on @overheardwebb.

Have you ever eavesdropped on a funny part of someone else’s conversation? Was there no place for you to share the quote? The Webb Canyon Chronicle has created an Instagram account for those special moments when you need to share a hilarious snippet of an overheard conversation.

Overheard Webb was founded by journalists Amelie Cook (‘20) and Emma Lin (‘20). This idea was inspired by the Overheard accounts, which post anonymous quotes from Los Angeles, New York, London, San Francisco, and various universities. Cook said, “Overheard Webb was originally created to promote the Webb Canyon Chronicle, but now it’s just a fun account for all Webb students.”

Every single post has a caption that has something to do with the Webb Canyon Chronicle; whether it promotes a new article that relates to the overheard quote or to look for new content, it always has some sort of affiliation.

Overheard Webb receives new submissions everyday, but it is up to the owners of the account to make sure that the content remains friendly to all students of Webb. Cook said, “It’s common to hear someone say something a little bit inappropriate or a little bit offensive just to make their friends laugh. These kinds of jokes are submitted to Overheard Webb quite often, but it’s our job to make sure that no content is published that makes anyone feel uncomfortable or targeted.”

Jun Kim (‘19), an avid follower of Overheard Webb, said, “I’ve been following the account since a friend said that it was ‘pretty dank*’ and told me to follow it.”

Nathan Paik (‘19), another Overheard Webb follower, said, “The account does a good job at promoting the Webb Canyon Chronicle and reminds me to check the website for new content.”

Follow @OverheardWebb on Instagram for more content and daily reminders to check the Webb Canyon Chronicle.