Webb dorm councilors celebrate the season of giving


Emily Stepanian

WSC Prefect Hoyin Tsoi (‘19) is excited to begin this year’s toy drive!

The season of giving has begun! Every year, the dorm council hosts a toy drive. Beginning on December 10th, you will find dorm councilors, prefects, and day student prefects collecting:

  • Cash donations from parents at the loop
  • Student donations in front of Price Dining Hall
  • Toys inside Price Dining Hall

According to Will Allan, Kirkhill and Holt dorm head, the toy drive at Webb is a project that first started in the early 1990s and since then has grown immensely. When it first began, the toy drive only collected about 20 to 50 toys, but now the dorm council raises over a thousand dollars in cash and brings in hundreds of presents.

All of the donations go to five local charities: HOPE Partners, Isaiah’s Rock, Foothill Family Shelter, and two based out of San Antonio Hospital. Although the dorm council and prefects bring in a lot of toy donations, the cash donations are used to purchase toiletries, cleaning products, baby formula, and basic housing supplies for families in need.

Mr. Allan said, “The toy drive is very student driven. The students donate a lot and they are really the ones who make this all possible.”

With this in mind, keep an eye out for dorm councilors and prefects around campus. Anything helps!