VWS varsity and WSC JV soccer go head-to-head


Patrick Dóñez

Emily Stepanian (’19) dribbles the ball while Jordan Granda (’22) defends on Chandler Field.

On December 13th, boys JV soccer challenged girls varsity soccer to a friendly scrimmage at Faculty Field. This was the second meeting between the two teams, with their last matchup occurring in 2016. Connor Walker (‘19) claims that the WSC team’s loss that year was due to lack of players, so there was strong motivation to settle the score.

Unfortunately for team WSC, the game ended in a 2-0 VWS win. Caroline Metz (‘22) and Emily Stepanian (‘19) scored for the VWS team, a continuation of the team’s dominance throughout the season. Out of the nine games VWS varsity has played this year, they have only been scored on three times, and boast a 10-0 record.

Building a WSC vs. VWS athletic rivalry could be a welcome addition to traditional inter-school competition. The soccer scrimmage is a continuation of games similar to last year’s basketball competition between WSC frosh and VWS varsity, who rematched on Wednesday, December 19th. Webb athletes enjoy the games, the bragging rights are enough incentive to play hard.