Matt speaks to Webb


Gracie Reda ('19)

Matt Martinez ('19) shares his aspirations for his future with the Webb Canyon Chronicle.

Since freshman year, I have always made it a point to smile and wave at Matt Martinez (‘19) in hopes that I can get more than a “hi” and head nod back. My efforts, however, have been futile.  Everytime I have tried to get to know Matt, or have a conversations with him longer than thirty seconds, I have been promptly shut down by a head nod, smile, and “okay.”

However, over the past four years, I have learned that Matt is not quiet with others on this campus because he does not like the people here. In fact, despite his quiet demeanor, Matt is really friendly. Even if he is only having a conversation with you using 10 words or less, he always has a great big smile on his face when he talks to you.  

In light of the last video I made of Ben Martinez (no, they are not related), and how much I learned and was able to share with the Webb community about him, I decided to investigate the Mysterious Matt Martinez!

He is a man of few words, but a positive person on our campus with a large presence.  

It was my pleasure getting to know Matt and how awesome he truly is.