Seniors make bank at Jones stoop sale


Jones dorm prefects Victoria Mirzayants (’19) and Doris Yuan (’20) pose for a picture in between helping with sales.

You walk past Jones dorm on an overcast Saturday afternoon. On a table sit items ranging from slightly used ACT prep books to brand-new Brandy Melville tops. 60s British rock ‘n’ roll music blasts from speakers, while Jones dorm prefects flip fresh crepes for anyone passing by.

Jones hosted a casual stoop sale along with open dorms on March 9th from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m.. This stoop sale marks the second one that Jones has ever thrown. The objective of this year’s sale was to open it up to the entire community, not just Jones residents.

Similar to a yard sale, students looking to make a profit decided which items they wished to sell and how much they were going to charge. The easygoing atmosphere created a space for people to socialize, eat some crepes, buy a few items, and even make a profit.

Doris Yuan (‘20), a dorm prefect in Jones, said, “Jones is the dorm with the most seniors, so we decided to host a tiny stoop sale so the seniors can get rid of anything they don’t want to carry on to college with and other students can buy and actually use their old stuff. This year we decided to expand the stoop sale to both WSC and VWS, so anyone who was planning on attending Jones open dorms could check out all of their friends’ stuff for sale and sell anything if they want to as well.”

Annie Wu (‘19), a Jones resident, said, “Everyone was being so generous with the pricing, so I ended up getting two brand new T-shirts for only ten dollars. It’s cool to see Jones hosting events like this stoop sale because it creates an open space for everyone to come and hang out on a chill Saturday afternoon. I know someone who has already made more than forty dollars from this sale, so even though people are selling their items for cheap, they are still making quite a profit!”

Chris Ma (‘20) said, “I bought a pineapple peeling gel facial mask from Euphy [Liu (‘19)] to destress from this tiring week. The deals were really great at the stoop sale because the mask was only five dollars, and I can use the bottle more than once.”

If you missed Saturday’s sale, there will be plenty of opportunities to attend similar on-campus events next school year. Just stay tuned for announcements on STAS and during community dinners.