Price Dining Hall is the best dining hall ever!


A simple bowl of oatmeal like this one can be found everyday in the Price Dining Hall. Image Courtesy of Everyday Health

As a freshman, I would have said, “I am sick of boarders complaining about dining hall food and the kinds of food served!” However, as a sophomore I can understand why boarders could complain about dining hall food, but I still believe they have no reason to complain. The dining hall staff provides countless healthy options and puts a lot of time and effort into preparing food, so why do we complain so much?

I do understand why students could get sick of dining hall food, and to prove this point I need to tell a story. During summer vacation, I went to a camp at UCLA, which is known for good dining hall food among other benefits. I initially enjoyed the food and the fact that I could eat a variety of things for every meal–something that does not happen at home. After two weeks, I came to understand why boarders complain. I got sick of all the food at UCLA within a week and a half, but Webb is different.

Here at Webb, we have a variety of food to choose from at each meal. At breakfast, students have several options of a healthy meal chosen by Mr. Amezcua everyday: oatmeal, fruit, vegan options, pastries, yogurt, and cereal. Preparing these meals may sound easy, but take into consideration the number of healthy meals that Mr. Amezcua and the dining hall staff plan for the entire school year. If someone does not like Belgian waffles, they have options of a fresh fruit or a bowl of oatmeal with a teaspoon of sugar. Aside from the variety available at breakfast, freshly-made food is offered throughout the day.During lunch, students have even more options: the main dish made in the kitchen, side dishes, noodle bar, salad bar, an ever-increasing amount of vegan options, Al’s Patio, and finally, the sandwich bar. That is about seven different options. Boarders, I think you have plenty of options to choose from at every meal.

The dining hall staff is not trying to appeal to everyone’s palate; instead, they are trying to provide a range of healthy choices for all students. Just because a certain food does not taste good does not mean it is bad for you. A cauliflower burrito bowl may sound a bit odd at first, but do not think that the name or the taste is what matters.

Do not forget the amount of time and effort that the staff invests in planning your meals all year round. Even if you do not like the meal for one day, choose a different option and consider the amount of time that went into preparing that meal and all the people who took time to make it.

Regardless, I asked some students to get their opinion on Dining Hall food.

Dean Woefle (‘21), a boarder, said, “I think dining hall food is fine. I just don’t like when they run out of A1 sauce during community dinner.”

Alicia Jaqua (‘21), a boarder, said, “The dining hall food is great and I like the Mexican food and the Indian food that is served, but we sometimes have too much pork.” Her day student friend Lily Miller (‘21) said, “The desert is also great.”

So, it seems that not all boarders have complaints, but instead they have suggestions. All of which seem to be small changes, but sometimes small changes can be to much to handle.

Webb is fortunate to provide a variety of healthy foods, and as a school, we should be grateful to the dining hall staff for never failing to deliver. We are fortunate that they spend every day preparing delicious meals for students, teachers, staff, and children.