Sophomores triumph Webb Night and Webb Day


Summer Chen ('20)

VWS class of 2020 competes against VWS class of 2022 in earth ball.

Black. Red. Pink. White. On Friday, March 15th, students adorning each of these class colors crowded into Hooper Student Center for Webb Night, eager to win points for their batch. The next morning, students trekked dutifully up Gym Hill to Faculty Field to compete in Webb Day.

Charlie Chen (‘19), WSC all-school president, said, “The mission of Student Government is to bring fun to the Webb community, to build bonds within and across classes, and to create beautiful memories that students may carry years after they graduate. And I think Webb Day/Night accomplished just that.”

The night started with the seniors dominating Jeopardy in Liu Cheung, then branched into arm wrestling, ping pong doubles and singles, Super Smash, Just Dance, Wii Sports, and chess in Hooper. As the classes accumulated points, they could check their total standings live at the Webb Canyon Chronicle.

One of the most popular events from Webb Night was Wii Just Dance. Students danced to bops ranging from Britney Spears’s “Toxic” to Village People’s “YMCA” on the Hooper floor to boost their class standings. Even after the official competitions ended, students of all classes gathered around the screen and showed off their dance moves for fun.

Luke Raus (‘20), a Just Dance participant, said, “It was a little nerve-racking to feel the weight of the competition on our shoulders, but that all kind of melted away as we danced. [It was] lots of fun to see everyone participating and having a good time. We’re coming for you next year, 2021!”

The sophomores had surpassed the upperclassmen and the freshmen after Webb Night’s events in Hooper. The class of 2021 ended the night with 925 points, followed by the classes of 2020, 2019, and 2021, with 850, 800, and 725 points respectively.

After a rejuvenating night of rest, students were primed to compete in Webb Day’s active physical competition. This five-part tournament featured both outdoor and indoor events in the chronological order of ultimate frisbee, tug-o-war, earthball, basketball, and dodgeball.

The final event, dodgeball, was ultimately the determining factor in the tight race between the sophomores and the seniors. As tensions raised, each class waved their homemade class flags proudly above their heads, chanting cheers and stomping their feet on the gym bleachers.

The high-spirited fluorescent pink class of 2021 emerged triumphant in the end, beating the seniors by only 25 points. The sophomores showed off their pride by posting group photos and snaps on social media, claiming that it was #sophomoreszn.

As students exited the gym that afternoon, they were met with StuGov members serving a sweet, rewarding surprise of ice cream and cookies. Open gym followed from 3 to 5 p.m. so that students could continue to exert their post-Webb Day energy in a physical and healthy way.

Fiona Jiang (‘22), VWS freshman class president, said, “Out of the three events I competed in, earth ball, dodgeball, and tug-o-war, my favorite was dodgeball because it was fun, indoors, and involved the most people in our class at one time. I feel like if it is possible to have Webb Day on a normal school day next year, it would definitely encourage more people to come.”

Shannon Uppal (‘21), VWS sophomore class president, said, “From Webb Night all the way to Webb Day, the energy throughout the sophomore class amplified by the minute. I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to lead a class with so much energy and dedication. Without the immense amount of contribution from almost everyone in the class, we wouldn’t have been able to win.”

Webb Night and Webb Day cultivated class spirit and gave everyone a break from academics and a chance to channel their inner athlete. In case you missed out on the action, check out the gallery below!