New students visit the Webb campus


Cristian Rosales-Cardenas ('21)

The chalkboards are once again set up, expecting new names and faces to arrive from Chandler field.

On March 19th students came in droves to learn more about The Webb Schools and the community around it. These incoming freshmen and sophomores experienced several classes at Webb and observed most of the afternoon activities. These new students with all their quirks and dreams will shape Webb for the next decade, and all 134 admitted students have been carefully chosen by the admission staff to try and make sure the next decade is great.

David Martinsen, Associate Admissions Director, said, “On March 10th, the Admission Office released admission decisions for the 2019-2020 school year. We received a record number of applications this year – 777. We admitted 134 talented students. We are preparing to welcome our newly admitted students to campus for Revisit Day, on Tuesday, March 26 from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. New prospective students received their letters of acceptance on Saturday, March 9th.”

Mr. Martinsen said that students can experience “lunches and panels, to academic sessions and class visits, to our campus life fair and afternoon activities open house, as well as a new session. There was approximately 125 guests that signed up to come to Revisit Day.”

I talked to some of the incoming students about what they thought of the school after sitting in on some classes and observing what a normal day is like and what their schedule for the day was.

Prospective freshman Katie Arzate said, “So first off, we started off in Liu Cheung Theater. We basically talked about how great Webb is and why we should be excited to be here, which was pretty awesome because it only made me even more excited. Then, we went to lunch and I made some friends.”

When questioned about her experience in class, Katie said, “It seemed like a very hands-on experience which I’m cool with. It’s a very involving experience as well, so it seems as it would help me learn easier.”

Julia Tyck, an incoming freshman, said, “The computer science class that I sat in on was a bit over my head but I enjoyed experiencing a class and it was fun to be able to picture myself at Webb. At Revisit Day I learned about the Vivian Webb Honor Cabinet and about some of the outings offered for students on the weekends…”

These 134 students can greatly impact the Webb community with their ideas and actions, so that is why Revisit Day is so important. The new students need to understand what standards they need to meet for a typical Webb day. Revisit Day allows them to do this and after make a rather big choice in their education career.

Nevertheless, Webb School of California welcomes all of these accepted students, and we hope they attended for the next for years. Regardless of their choice we hope they will be happy with their decision and that they enjoyed their Revisit Day.