Midweek Target runs refresh Webb students


After a mid-week Target run, Fiona Jiang (‘22), Jojo Jiang (‘22) and Brandy Zhang (‘22) walk around campus holding Starbucks drinks.

What better way is there to spend your Wednesday long lunch than going on a Target run with some friends? Webb students, especially boarders, now have the opportunity to go to Target not only on weekends but also on Wednesdays. Catch your friend from Webb roaming around Target, ordering their favorite drink at Starbucks, sitting outside Blaze Pizza having lunch with friends, and carrying bags of supplies back to campus. 

Although students can still pick up any school supplies in the new Student Store in the library, a new opportunity has opened up for Webbies to grab any other necessary materials: midweek Target runs. Every Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., there are two runs available, and students can go on Target runs either during their free block before lunch or during long lunch. 

Romana Quick, Student Services Coordinator, said, “Midweek Target runs give students chances to go to Target to pick up school supplies and have lunch without having to miss classes…We did this [midweek runs] several years ago. It was under the same premise that students could take advantage of on-campus activities. Now that Hooper is under construction, it is a great time to offer it again.”

Besides the renovation of Hooper, Webb’s student center, there are more reasons why Webb initiated the midweek Target runs this year. The midweek Target run is a great time saver for Webbies. Mrs. Quick hopes that “the runs help boarders with time management to plan their weekend better.” 

According to Mrs. Quick, doing Target runs in the week gives students opportunities to take advantage of other on-campus activities. Students no longer have to decide whether they should go to Target to get school supplies or stay on campus and participate in open dorms or other activities on the weekend. 

Elizabeth Bowman (‘22), a day student from Upland, said, “I think the runs are useful because students won’t have to always sign up for runs on the weekend if they need something.”

Jimmy Feng (‘21), a boarding student from Shenzhen, went on the run during his free block. He said, “I signed up because I ran out of bottled water. I also know a very good Barbeque place near Target so I could have a good lunch…overall, I had a great experience going off campus on a busy school day.”

Jimmy was the only person to sign up on the run, and he saw the lack of promotion of this great opportunity. 

He said, “More people should know about the runs and sign up. Right now, I don’t think many people know about the run. People should really take advantage of this new opportunity.” 

Elizabeth learned about the run through reading emails. 

However, she said, “I don’t think I would sign up because I can always go after school. I don’t want to take away opportunities for people who need to go on a school day because I know the spots are limited.”

The midweek Target runs are available to everyone at Webb: boarders as well as day students. If you ever need to go get supplies, chill at Starbucks, the midweek Target run would always be a great choice. If you are a boarding student and have a hard time balancing going on school runs and doing fun things on campus, the Target runs on Wednesdays are also great solutions.