iPhone X: Apple’s newest invention


On September 12th, the iPhone X was revealed inside of Apple’s new ‘spaceship’ headquarters in Cupertino, California.

2017 marks the iPhone’s ten year anniversary; the iPhone X is the most anticipated model since its original was released back in 2007. For $999, you could get your hands on an all-in-one smartphone with Super Retina display, a state of the art facial recognition system, and new “Animoji” technology – animated emojis that you can control with your face.

Face ID will replace Touch ID as the software responsible for unlocking your iPhone, authenticating updates, and using Apple Pay. It works by analyzing more than thirty-thousand microscopic dots to create an accurate 3D-depth map of your face. Apple claims that the odds another person could unlock your device using Face ID are one in a million. Since there is no need for a fingerprint sensor, Apple’s designers for the iPhone X have chosen to omit the home button.

The iPhone X will also receive predicted touch-ups such as a longer battery life, an improved dual camera, and new support for wireless charging.

During the unveiling, Apple CEO Tim Cook described the iPhone X as “the future of the smartphone.” Ashley Fu, a prospective buyer from Webb, shares similar feelings about the iPhone X. When asked to elaborate on why she wants to upgrade to the X from the 7+, she said, “I use T-Mobile as my cell phone carrier, and it’s really good because I’m automatically part of a program that lets me upgrade my phone every year at a discounted price. I also really like the iPhone X because of its cool facial recognition system.”

Hannah McClure, a twelfth-grade Samsung user, offered clashing views on Apple’s latest product. When asked if she would ever consider purchasing the iPhone X, she responded, “The price for the X is way too high, and my Samsung phone serves the exact same purpose for a much more reasonable price. Essentially, the iPhone X is American capitalism at its finest, but a great marketing tactic on Apple’s part.”

Pre-ordering for the iPhone X will start on October 27th. It will be available in two colors: space grey and silver.