Webb wrestling pins down their first tournament of the season


Mohammad Igbaria

Wrestlers pose for a picture at the start of the tournament.

For most Webbies, waking up before 6 a.m. on a Saturday is a painful and unfortunate experience, but for Webb’s wrestling team, it was a reality this past Saturday as they headed to their highly anticipated wrestling tournament.

On December 7th, Webb wrestling hunkered up Gym Hill in the early hours before dawn, hopped in the vans, and headed to Santa Rosa Academy in Menifee.

For many of the younger and newer wrestlers, performing well at the tournament was a daunting task, given that their opponents would be seasoned, veteran wrestlers. But more than anything, the day would serve as an invaluable time to put the moves and techniques they learned during their daily practices to the test. 

One wrestler, however, was determined to win the tournament. Robbie Reimer (‘20), a fourth-year wrestler and team co-captain, not only won first place in the 145 weight class, but he also earned the title of the MVP of all of the lightweight wrestlers. Robbie pinned all four of his opponents at the tournament. 

Webb wrestling’s next tournament is at Westlake High School in Westlake Village on Saturday, December 14th, where the newer wrestlers will have the chance to use the experience they gained at the tournament and the lessons and moves they learned against live opponents.