Webbies clean Webb Canyon Road


Doc Lofgren

Jim Dahler, math department faculty, Hunter Lange (‘22), Nichola Monroe (‘22), Fran Torrez (’22), and Joanna Yap (’22) smile after depositing the trash bags behind the Price Dining Hall.

An important part of sophomore year at Webb is the emphasis on service and giving back to the community. Many of the current sophomores have made efforts to offer community service opportunities at Webb, including hosting a holiday party for foster kids, a trip to aid the Prison Library Project, and a Webb Canyon Road clean-up activity.

Eight volunteers gathered in the mid-morning on Saturday, December 14th in front of Price Dining Hall, and together they donned gloves and neon orange vests. Armed with black trash bags, they headed down to Webb Canyon Road to clean up the trash-ridden road. 

Between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m., the volunteers ventured off-road into the brush behind Webb, gathering seven bags of discarded waste. Some of the trash that students picked up was from the Webb dumpsters that our infamous campus bear had rummaged through.

Hunter Lange (‘22) said, “I wanted to help clean up because I love the environment… Trash usually ends up in the ocean, and I wanted to help take part in preventing from ending up there.”

Dr. Don Lofgren, Director of the Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology, said, “I’ve done it in the past with my family because it bugs me when every time I live on the upper campus, I drive from the upper gate all the way down Webb Canyon Road and see trash on both sides of it. It really bothers me.”

More sophomores will be organizing events for our campus next semester, so make sure to check STAS to see if you would like to participate in any upcoming service opportunities.