Candy Grams bring out opinions of Webbies


Kara Sun

VWS Prefects work hard on creating the perfect Candy Grams.

Every year around Valentine’s Day, students and faculty express an abundance of love to one another through a gift or a heartfelt letter. The VWS Prefect Council works especially hard by posting up at tables outside of the Price Dining Hall and inviting students to write notes for Candy Grams. Candy Grams are little gifts that include heartfelt hand-written messages from one student to their significant other or friend. This year offered chocolate-covered pretzels, while last year contained chocolate roses. 

This tradition holds a special spot for the community as prefects help send gifts for people’s loved ones. Additionally, the chocolate-covered pretzels are receiving both sides of applause and criticism. 

“I believe that the Candy Grams [this year] are better than last year’s because I didn’t enjoy the chocolate roses,” said Nancy Li (‘20). “The chocolate covered pretzels fit my preference better, salty and savory!”

However, not everyone feels like the VWS Prefect Council made the right decision on what this year’s sweet treat should be. If anything, the red roses of the past added more to the Valentine’s theme. 

“I actually disliked this year’s Candy Grams,” said Alice Phung (‘22), day student prefect. “I prefer the roses from last year, they were my favorite.” 

However, there are some people who do not believe in the holiday at all. 

“I believe that it is always a good day to think about the sentiment about Valentine’s day, but this holiday was created out of money, not out of love,” said Ken Rosenfeld, Dean of Campus Life. “We shouldn’t buy into commercialism. I’m not exactly a huge fan about basing love on a date of a calendar.”  

Sometimes getting expensive presents on Valentine’s Day seems to be a way of showing our love, when in reality, love can be almost anything. This holiday thrives on buying chocolates, roses, and teddy bears. However, whether or not you believe in getting a gift for others, make sure to show affection to the ones you love everyday, not just on Valentine’s Day with Candy Grams.