Cathy Wang

Webbies celebrate Halloween around the world

With Webbies scattered across the globe due to the pandemic, students and faculty members celebrated Halloween in a variety of ways, some unique to their cultures and traditions. Although social distancing requirements created certain barriers, many Webbies managed to have a fun, safe holiday. 

Sharon Xu (‘22), Rancho Cucamonga, California
Clifford Khowara (‘21), Jakarta, Indonesia
Marina Saeger (‘23), York, Nebraska
Koki Mashita (‘22), Karuizawa, Japan
Sam Zeiden (‘23), New York City, New York
Mariia Lykhtar (‘22), Mallorca, Spain
Dora Csonge (‘21), Gyór, Hungary
Ben Thien-Ngern (‘23), Bangkok, Thailand
Julia Fenner (‘23), Chester Springs, Pennsylvania
Bobby Pham (‘23), Hanoi, Vietnam
Laura Li (‘22), Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Jake Baiz (‘21), Claremont, California
Naomi Kang (‘24), Seoul, Korea
Alivia Du (‘21), Beijing, China
Karen Chen (‘23), Shanghai, China
The Lantz Family, Webb, California
Pui Fong (‘24), Hong Kong
Dilnar Yu (‘24), Diamond Bar, California

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