What Webb students need to know about DACA

I set out to write an article about Webb students’ opinions of DACA, but the unawareness of the program was evident. When I asked four Webb students from each grade about their views or opinions of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, only one student had ever heard the term “DACA.” A sophomore student said, “It’s an organization protecting children of illegal immigrants,” but did not have any more information or views to add.

However, Hector Martinez, Director of College Guidance, was knowledgeable about the program and spoke about his opinions. Mr. Martinez specifically referred to the immigrants whose education will be taken away after the termination of DACA. He believes that the discontinuation will be destructive. It will take away opportunities to make the United States a better country, as it will prevent many intelligent students from being able to go to college and apply for jobs.

“These students have done nothing wrong but be raised in the only country they know and consider their home. They speak English, go to school, do their homework, play sports, run for leadership activities, and help make their schools better places just like Webb students do each day. These students dream of going to college, making a good living, and wish to contribute to society in meaningful ways like Webb kids do. Deporting them to countries that are more foreign to them than anything else seems unfair and inhumane.”

Many Webb students are unaware of the difficulties that the teenagers affected face in America because being at enrolled at Webb gives them privileges that bright and eager youth do not have. It is important for Webb students to be aware of the programs like DACA and their significant impacts on undocumented immigrants to jump out of the “Webb bubble.”