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Joe Biden declared president-elect

Laura Haushalter
Some of the social media posts that have been circulated by Webb students since Joe Biden was declared President-elect. Social media has been a more important tool than ever in getting out the vote this election cycle.

After four days of vote-counting in key states, Joseph R. Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election, making him the 46th president of the United States. 

Biden reached the 270 electoral votes needed to win early Saturday after Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes were put in his column by the Associated Press. Subsequently, Biden also won Nevada’s 6 votes, putting the president-elect at 290 votes to President Trump’s 214 votes, with races in three states still too close to call.  

Also on the winning ticket was California Senator Kamala Harris, who will make history as the first woman and first person of color to serve as vice president. The Biden/Harris ticket received a record number of votes, with more than 75 million across the country. 

President-elect Biden, who ran on a moderate Democratic platform with a message of uniting the country, is the first presidential candidate to unseat an incumbent in more than 25 years 

Announcement of the Biden victory has caused Americans to pour into the streets both in celebration and protest. In Washington, D.C., Biden supporters gathered in front of the White House to celebrate, whereas Trump supporters, many of them armed, rallied outside of the State Capitol in Arizona 

When the results were finally confirmed, Webb students took to social media in celebration of the Biden/Harris win. Many highlighted the historic nature of the ticket and expressed relief after a tumultuous election cycle. 

“I finally feel like I am regaining optimism for the future of this country,” said Maya Dholakia (‘21), who voted for Joe Biden. “I am excited to see two people in office who are willing to make change, who are not elitist, and who have every American’s best interest at heart. Not to mention, history was made with our first female, Indian-Black vice president. I have full faith in their empathetic and political abilities.”  

Of course, not everyone was pleased with the Joe Biden victory or the swell of support on social media. 

“I am seeing way too much enthusiasm for Biden’s victory,” said Andy Zhang (‘21). It’s great that Trump lost, but looking forward at least two years, likely four, of a conservative Senate, decades of a conservative supermajority in the Court, and years of corporate domination in politics is no less of a disaster.” 

Despite the clear electoral college win for Joe Biden, President Trump is not planning on conceding the race, though there has been talk of close aids such as Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump attempting to communicate the reality with the president. Even so, President Trump will likely mount legal battles across the country challenging his loss. The president has continued to make baseless accusations that the election was stolen from him by Democrats, going as far as to claim that the election is “far from over”. 

“The most concerning thing I’ve heard during this election was Trump’s claim that he has already won the election, and officials are illegally counting mail in ballots, which they have not,” said Elena Tiedens (‘21). I don’t want Trump to be president another four years for a multitude of reasons, but I think right now, the most important thing is to ensure that the process is democratic.” 

At 5:00 p.m. PST, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris delivered a victory speech to a crowd of supporters in Wilmington, Delaware, which the President-elect represented in the Senate for 36 years. In their speeches, Vice President-elect Harris underscored the historic role of women and people of color in Democratic politics, and President-elect Biden emphasized his message of unity and hope.  

Though it is unclear what legal challenges will be made between now and then, millions of Americans are looking forward to January 20th, 2021, when Joseph R. Biden will be sworn in as president of the United States. 

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Patrick Dóñez, Editor-in-Chief
Patrick Dóñez (’21), a day student from Upland, California, is one of this year's editors in chief. Last year, Patrick was the Editor of Opinion, which helped the transition into his leadership role for the 2020 – 2021 school year.  This year, he wants the WCC to lead conversations about different political and social topics in the Webb community. He enjoys listening to hip hop and RnB, and some of his favorite artists are Pusha T, Erykah Badu, and Modest Mouse. Patrick enjoys writing about his opinions and music, which is why joining journalism in sophomore year was perfect for him. During quarantine, he spent most of his time reading, skateboarding, and working on his magazine project Rx. After COVID-19, he is excited to finally get out of the house and nervous for the future of college and higher education.  
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After using her summer to create a small business selling custom embroidery, Keigan McCullagh (‘21) is coming back to school as a senior. Keigan has been with the Webb Canyon Chronicle for two years, improving and learning throughout her time. She fondly remembers getting her first article publisheand reflects on her growth as a writer, and she is now the Editor of News for the WCC this year. She is also the Co-President of Webb’s LGBTQ+ and Allies Club and Vice President of our USITT chapter. Her astrological sign is Libra. She loves to learn about history. You can always find her playing the guitar or listening to music, her favorite bands being Fleetwood Mac and the Lumineers. Besides music, she loves her dog Lily. Also, Keigan’s favorite food is chicken nuggets. Keigan’s goal for the WCC this year is to report more breaking news in hope of shedding light on important subjects the Webb community should know about.  She would also like to encourage everyone to go vote for the 2020 election! 
Laura Haushalter, Public Editor
Enthusiastic, positive, determined, and athletic, Laura Haushalter (‘21) uses her passionate attitude to take on many leadership roles: captain of the VWS cross-country and swimming teams; Student Government spirit commissioner; and the Public Editor for the WCC. As the Public Editor, Laura oversees all the social media accounts for the WCC. In addition to normal Editor-in-Chief  responsibilities, she helps the WCC gain more publicity, making sure Webbies stay informed and updated about the latest articles. Laura is extremely passionate about environmental justice and climate change, which is why her favorite class she has taken at Webb is Honors Global Society and Sustainability. In her free time, you can catch Laura watching Friends or Veep, listening to AJR, Beach House, and Cardi B, or running on Thompson Creek Trail. Her goals this year are to make the WCC’s social media accounts more active, and make the most of her last year at Webb.

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