Webbies decide: Xbox X or PS5?


The Xbox Series X (left) vs.The PlayStation 5 (right).

Two titans of the console gaming community, Sony and Microsoft, have released new consoles this year. These companies and their consoles are a big part of Webbies lives and is the core of many people’s fondest memories, whether it be playing games with friends, or just playing by themselves to relax. Now, students are looking at the new consoles trying to decide which one is the best.

The PlayStation 5, Sony’s is a revolutionary console, was released November 12th, 2020. The last console that Sony made, the PlayStation 4, was released in 2013, and, in the past seven years, Sony has come up with many new mind-blowing features.  

Some great things that we already know about the new console is that the controllers will be equipped with haptic feedback. This will make the controller vibrate in certain ways to make the gaming experience feel more realistic. When you drive off road while playing a game, the controller will vibrate and make you feel like you are in the car.  

Another amazing thing that is being added to the PS5 is the Ray Tracing Hardware. This is a system that creates the most realistic graphics possible for any game. With this added to the new system, there will be ultra-realistic graphics where players will not have to imagine what the game would be like in real life.
 While Sony has made a strong console, Microsoft has a reputation for creating revolutionary consoles as well. This is especially prevalent with the Xbox series X, which was released on November 10th, 2020. Microsoft has been advertising their new console by calling it the “most powerful console ever,” and they have the specs to back this claim up. Their console is equipped with all of the newest and most powerful electronics, such as CPU 8x core, GPU 12, 16GB memory, 1TB storage, etc. It is the fastest and most durable console out right now and is also very affordable.
 “Eventually I’m going to get a PS5,” Clifford Khowora (‘21) For now, all my saved data is on the PS4, and a lot of people bought multiple PS5s and are selling them for an extreme mark-up. But I do think it is a good console, it has some good technology inside. Overall, it looks amazing and seems to be a really promising console.” 

“I don’t want to buy a new Xbox yet, because my Xbox one isn’t outdated yet,” Katie Arzate (‘23) said. I am also waiting for the hype to cool down, so people will stop buying all the consoles and selling them at an extreme markup. I am also worried because the Xbox series X is very bulky, so it will be hard to find a proper place to store it. But I also have very high expectations for it, and so far from what I have heard it has met those expectations. I am very excited that Microsoft is coming out with new consoles. And I am also excited that Microsoft decided to use the best of the best technical stuff for their new console.” 

Many Webbies are very excited about these new consoles in the gaming industry and all the work that the companies have put into it. On the more technical side of things, Webbies believe that these consoles are revolutionary and will both work incredibly fast. The consensus is that the new console is amazing, but you should wait to buy until prices go down and the older consoles become outdated.