How to make boba pearls and drinks


Eva Annabi (‘23) and Noelani Chock (‘23).

Delicious boba drinks prepared by Eva Annabi (‘23) and Noelani Chock (‘23).

Boba drinks offer the right amount of sweet, chewy, and refreshing flavor with one sip of a straw. An extremely popular treat among Webb students, boba is a staple drink and a musttry for anyone who has not had the opportunity to taste the sweet and chewy tapioca pearls that perfectly complement herbal or fruity drinks.

Sometimes you might find yourself critiquing different shop’s creations, thinking there is too little boba and too much tea or extreme sweetness and excessive iceThe solution to this problem is simply making your own tapioca pearls and the perfect drinks to pair them with at homeThese step-by-step instructions with pictures will give you all the tools to make handmade boba as well as a couple chosen teas with ingredients you have in your pantry! 

Tapioca Pearl Tutorial 

Tapioca pearls are surprisingly simple to make; however, watch out for some sticky messes left on your pans and countertops. This tutorial will help you make those sweet and chewy pearls that everyone craves after a long day of homework. 

Iced Cinnamon Vanilla Black Milk Tea Tutorial 

All milk teas are extremely simple to make, and they complement boba perfectly. If you have ever been to a boba shop, you can verify that they have a wide selection of milk teas and you can make most of them in your own home. Follow this tutorial to make a Cinnamon Vanilla Black Milk Tea! 

Iced Matcha Latte Tutorial 

Matcha is amazing both with and without boba. Matcha made at home can be even better than the one you order at your local boba shop or at Starbucks. Follow this quick recipe for the perfect matcha blend! 

From these simple tutorials, coveted boba drinks can be made any day from the comfort of your home. Whenever you crave boba and tea, these tutorials are your best friends and are here for you every time your urge takes over. Through hot weather or cold, feeling happy or sad, making boba will lift your spirits and the final product will leave you smiling.