Pick your top songs from 2011 and get a song from 2021 to listen to


Graphic courtesy of Kaitlyn De Armas ('21).

Music has been changing and evolving over the past decade.

No matter who you are or where you come from, our differences as people can be united by one thing: music. Whether the genre is R&B, country, rap, pop, indie, alternative, reggae, or anything in between, music is an outlet for our emotions and inspires us to truly be ourselves. When people are down, they turn to their favorite artists to comfort them. When people are happy, they play their favorite upbeat songs to enhance their good vibes.   

Over the past decade, music has grown and evolved as we do, allowing us to continue to connect with an artist’s work and the time. Although 2021 has started out strongly with artists like Olivia Rodrigo and Morgan Wallen releasing new music, we still remember the last decade’s favorite 2010 jams, whether they be sung by Lady Gaga or the Black Eyed Peas. Take this quiz to find out what 2021 song you should listen to based on your favorite 2011 songs!