Webb students plan for a quarantined Super Bowl


Image Credit: CBS

Kansas City Chiefs face off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 2021 Super Bowl

Super Bowl is the time of year when football fans around the country gather with their friends and family to watch the annual showdown. People huddle around the TV to watch the big game between the top two teams in the NFL. Not only do these notorious parties have many people, but they are also full of food. If I have learned anything this pandemic, it is that crowds, food, and masks do not get along too well. Obviously, there are risks involved with having gatherings indoors among small crowds, sharing food, and the challenge of social distancing is sure to be increased when the presence of food is involved. This then raises the question of how people will be celebrating their Super Bowl Sunday.  

In typical pandemic fashion, there will not be parties this year, but that does not mean you still canoenjoy your Sunday of football. 

“I will probably be watching the game with my dad, lounging on the couch indulging in our loads of KFC,” Julia Fenner (‘23) said 

Even amidst a pandemicmost people are remaining hopeful that some traditions will be able to stand. For example, Super Bowl squares, where adults bet their money on the results of the game depending on quarter is super popularAdditionally, simple family traditions such as eating KFC on the couch are welllikedEven though big parties are not particularly pandemicappropriate, it is still possible for people to find safe ways to see friends.  

https://www.aarp.org/health/conditions-treatments/info-2021/cdc-discourages-super-bowl-parties.html Pasted is a link to an article with safe ways to celebrate your Superbowl.  

“On Sunday you can catch me sitting in front of the TV, where I will be joined by a couple close friends,” Paige West (‘22) said. We moved the TV outside and all of us will be staying socially distanced with masks.” 

It is possible to create safe ways of seeing small group of people, of course all within county guidelines, and it is certain that many people will be having similar activities as Paige. It is crucial to assure that the environment is safe for everyone in attendance. For example, moving the TV outside is a perfect way to help with keeping it down to only a single family inside their own household. Another great way to stay safe is individual snacks. So, instead of the traditional huge bowl of chips for everyone to reach their hands into, try buying individual bags of chips this year. Many people are also participating in zooms gatherings with their friends to watch the game safely together. Even with these changes, it is certain that an enjoyable Super Bowl Sunday is possible.