Which Candy Best Describes Your 2021?



Find out which sweet treat matches your personality.

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Possible Results:

Chocolate- You are elegant and rich in both taste and class. You have high expectations, for this year and nothing will get in your way (except for one or two of your fav sweets 😉) You are a fan favorite just like chocolate, you are someone people go to feel safe.  

Smarties- You are a super sweet person and enjoy quality time with your favorite people! This year will be full of fun and new experiences. You may be a bit timid at first, but when you come out of your wrapper, many new opportunities may present themselves. 

Lollipops- Your year has been planned out and very organized. Like a lollipop, you know what to expect. You are determined to make 2021 your year as it is full of goals and aspirations. However, lollipops differ, and you might find out more about yourself than you think.  

Marshmallows- You enjoy chilling on the beach with your fav snacks. You have a sort of go with the flow mentality, and this year will be smooth sailing for you. Warm and toasty marshmallows fit you the best as you are that way with others and your kind actions will be rewarded. 

Sour Candies- You pack a punch! Just like these sour treats, you are a pleasant surprise to anyone you come across. You have grown this past year and you might have gone through some sour experiences but 2021 will be sweeter to you and only treat you better.