Student in Focus: Koki Mashita, Mikey Chai, Eugene Guo, Investors


In 2018, Koki Mashita (‘22), Mikey Chai (‘22), and Eugene Guo (‘22) started investing in stocks. After a few months, they noticed that their return of investment was very high.

After an enticing start in the market as novice investors, their interest in the stock market inspired them to attend financial conferences and enroll in online courses. The three decided to take it a step further and combine all their skills to start an investment firm. Only a few weeks after the idea was conceived, the investment firm, Lallic Partners, was founded.

Lallic Partners is an American investment management firm committed to delivering reliable and effective financial services for clients. The investment firm is based on the fundamental principle of bringing the vision of the younger generation to the financial world. The firm is available all throughout the world. They operate in cities such as Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore, and Los Angeles.

“We were originally just testing out different investment strategies on our own,” Koki Mashita (‘22) said. “One day we found a strategy that worked, and we decided to make an investment firm where we invest our client’s money.”

Since the founding of the company, Lallic Partners was nominated as one of the top 101 investment firms in LA by Investor Available. Lallic Partners also manages around $1,650,000 USD in capital from their general partnerships and limited partnerships.

Koki plans on expanding Lallic Partners in the near future. He is confident that being heavily invested in the cryptocurrency space will be extremely beneficial to the company.

“Mikey and I are currently heavily invested into the crypto space and venture capital,” Koki said.

Initially, Lallic Partners was an asset and hedge fund management company, but after some discourse, the founding partners decided to start an incubator hedge fund. An incubator hedge fund is a fund that is offered privately during the incubation period. Family members and friends typically are the primary investors in this type of fund.

The end goal for Lallic Partners is to transform from an incubator hedge fund to a real hedge fund. So far, the biggest obstacle that the founders face is gaining the trust of investors due to their young age. As a result, the founders have been releasing official reports of their company’s performance to show their successes.

To combat this, the founders have attained certificates from CFI and Coursera to further their business knowledge.

“Although we are still high school students, we are passionate about delivering only the best investment strategies and outcomes for our clients,” Koki said.

As of now, they have divided their investment strategy into two sections — the algorithmic fund and the ESG fund. ESG funds are portfolios of equities that implements social, environmental, and governance factors into the investment process.

Lallic Partners has been taking off and the future for the company is very bright. With the company heavily invested in cryptocurrency, the growth of the company is expected to rise significantly.

Below is a timeline of the company’s development over the past 4 years, displaying its rapid growth in that time period.