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BREAKING NEWS: Boarders allowed to leave campus on Halloween

Berklee Antecol
Jarra Jallow (‘25) excitedly gets ready to dress up for Halloween after hearing some intriguing news. Jarra starts trying on different Halloween costumes on the hunt for the perfect way to dress up. “Hearing the news made me want to find the perfect costume!” said Jarra. This excitement shows the costume hunt is beginning not just for Jarra, but for all Webbies.

Boo! This year, Halloween is on a Monday. This frightening day was especially scary for boarders because they were uncertain about whether students were allowed to leave campus on Halloween or not. If boarders cannot leave campus, Halloween plans for everyone in the community would be altered: no trick or treating, no parties, and no family traditions.  

Luckily, the spook is over. The deans have accounted for student concerns and changed plans. On the week of October 30th, Monday dinner will replace the usual Tuesday dinner; instead of leaving campus for dinner on Tuesday, students will be allowed to do so on Halloween. On that Monday, students will be able to celebrate Halloween, with a return time of 9 P.M. 

If boarders do not want to leave campus or do not have access to transportation, there will also be a Haunted House set up by faculty members in the Quonset hut next to the pool. Although more information can’t be disclosed yet, the Deans hope that celebrations off campus and on campus will help unite the community.  

“Students can bond together off-campus through trick-or-treating,” said Rick Duque, Dean of Students. “Taking place on campus, the new Quonset Haunted House can be an opportunity for students to celebrate and make new memories with each other while getting to know the facilities. It’s very new and very exciting.” 

Before Halloween, there will also be a lot of festivities available to bring Webb Halloween traditions to life and make the community feel at home. Leadership programs around the school are all hosting their own events.  

For example, the day student prefects are hosting the Fall Social this year. On Saturday, October 22nd, you can expect a wide variety of food, a pumpkin carving competition (with prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places). You can also expect a screening of the Halloween classic: The Shining on October 22nd .  

“I’m really excited for the venue we have. I think this year will be a lot better with the lessened COVID protocols,” Zac Wang (‘23) said. “I’m hoping that we can have the same or even more student participation than last year.” 

A week later on October 29th, the peer advisors are going to host the annual Zombie Apocalypse. In this frightening event, students play a huge game of tag. “Zombies” lurk around campus trying to tag students. After two hours, people who survive the apocalypse and solve the puzzles released on STAS get a prize. There are multiple winners, too: the most creative cheater, the first to solve puzzles, and more!   

“I think this will top last year’s Zombie Apocalypse,” said Neria Spence (‘24). “We have a lot in store. Be ready.” 

On that same day, the prefect council is also hosting the Haunted Tours. With masks finally being optional and the slow decline of COVID in the community, the Haunted Tours can finally take place indoors this year. Instead of setting up three tents on Chandler Field, Haunted Tours will take place in the Alf Musuem. The Council is confident that this year’s Haunted Tours will be one to remember. 

“I think without COVID, this year will be a lot more fun,” said Griffin Suttner (‘25). “I’m super excited for all the events this year. Definitely going.” 

There will be countless ways for students to show their excitement for the fall season. Whether it is personal like planning a group costume or communal like going to one of the many events available, scholars can happily celebrate Halloween. 

“One of the most exciting aspects of this year is that the COVID protocols are slowly going away, and everything is starting to go back to normal. Now, students can interact with more people in more unique places,” said Nathan Silva, Student Services Coordinator. “I think that the Webb events are prime times for the community to get to know each other after summer. I am looking forward to it!” 

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Berklee Antecol
Berklee Antecol, Co-Editor of Opinion
As a fashionista, Berklee Antecol (‘25) not only loves the design side of fashion but also the statistics. Although she wants to study economics or business in the future, Berklee also has a fascination with the fashion industry. Her personality is like a vibrant pink fabric in a mix of pastel colors. This gradient is carried through her experiences in the Webb community; wherever you are, she will stand out as a bright glow of energy and positivity. Like a seamstress selecting the right thread for the fabric, she works as an admission ambassador, introducing prospective students into the fabric of the Webb community. Yet Berklee's life is not just bold pink; she can settle into paler, calmer hues of pink as well. She loves to snuggle on the couch and click play on her favorite Netflix show, Gilmore Girls, or listen to calm music like Still Woozy to improve her homework efficiency. This year, as the Editor of Opinion, Berklee wants to jump into a fast-working mindset and to write and publish as many articles as she can. Like sewing haute couture, Berklee is always ready to go with fast quality work.   Song: I Feel Fantastic - Riovaz
Austin Ra
Austin Ra, Editor of Audiovisual
Returning with a rupture of exuberant energy and ready to express his thoughts, Austin Ra (‘23) is prepared to continue his journey at the Webb Canyon Chronicle. Aside from preparing for college applications during the summer, Austin spent his break from Webb in his medical summer camp, where he proposed multidimensional approaches to debatable medical issues. For instance, he was not afraid to discuss the high price of insulin and argue for the medicines he believes are important. Austin’s ability to openly voice his opinions allows him to strive in humanities classes and be a good candidate for the roles of day student prefect and Editor of Audiovisual for the Webb Canyon Chronicle. “In journalism, I can express what I want to express, have a sizable platform, and have credibility of my works,” said Austin. This year, he wants to continue producing quality work and promoting the publication’s media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. In addition, he hopes to continue sharing his own perspectives on school events and social issues.   “Skating in Central Park” by Bill Evans and Jim Hall  

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