Hooper Community Center renamed in honor of Taylor Stockdale


Ethan Undello

The Hooper Community Center is one of the first buildings you see when walking onto the Webb campus. The old building stands as a symbol of welcoming as it greets you with its newly refurbished interior and beautiful fountain. The building will soon undergo a name change in the honor of retiring Head of Schools, Taylor B. Stockdale.

On February 17, 2023, Taylor Stockdale, Head of Schools, was given a retirement party in honor of his 30+ years of service, where it was revealed that the now Hooper Community Center would be renamed in his honor as the Taylor B. Stockdale Community Center.  

The Hooper Community Center, as we know it today, had humble beginnings. Initially, it served as the Webb gym, until the Les Perry Gymnasium was constructed on “Gym Hill,” opening the center for redesign. After the refurbishment was completed, the center remained without a name until the administrative board took it upon themselves in 2020 to name it the Hooper Community Center.  

“[It is] more than I could ever put into words,” Mr. Stockdale said.  

The center’s new name serves as a testament to Mr. Stockdale’s values and influence on the schools, and brings a sense of unity to the community, as it serves as a symbol of the schools’ commitment to honoring those who have made significant contributions to life here at Webb. 

In his thirty years of service to Webb, Mr. Stockdale is finally ready to leave and enjoy his retirement with his family.  

I’ve loved every minute of being here,” Mr. Stockdale said. “There’s a point of pride that has really allowed this school to thrive. I feel very proud that we have built out this very challenging and dynamic academic program… We are better stronger, but we have a long way to go… There is a lot of work that still ahead of us.”  

Mr. Stockdale’s commitment to the school has been instrumental in building a dynamic academic program and creating a sense of community. His retirement marks the end of an era, but his legacy will continue to inspire future generations of students, faculty, and staff. The Taylor B. Stockdale Community Center will serve as a constant reminder of his dedication and leadership.  

“Webb is in my blood””

— Mr. Stockdale