The Fawcett Library got new furniture. What’s next?


Sydney Mildon

After returning to Webb from February break, students and faculty were pleasantly surprised to see that the Fawcett Library’s old furniture has been replaced with new, modern-looking ones. With brand new couches, tables, desks, chairs, and booths, the library now has more seating for students to hangout, socialize, do homework, or work on group projects together. It also has created a more inviting environment for students to feel more comfortable in the library.

As students walked into the library, they couldn’t help but notice the sleek and modern new furniture that had been installed over February break. The comfortable chairs and tables were arranged in a way that made the space feel more open and inviting, encouraging students to study or hangout with their friends. The pops of color in the furniture throughout the room add a fun and playful touch to the library. 

Webb students have mixed feelings about the furniture and their contemporary look. 

Some students appreciate how nice the new furniture looks. The sleek design of the new seating options and fixtures creates a cohesive and stylish look that enhances the overall aesthetic of the library. Additionally, the new furniture is much more comfortable than the old, outdated pieces that it replaced.  

Another benefit of the new furniture is that there is more space to socialize and collaborate with peers. The new seating options provide different sofas, armchairs, chairs, high stools, booths, and more. This leaves a lot more room for students to work together on group projects or discuss class materials. Additionally, the updated layout of the library allows for more open space and fewer obstructions, which creates a natural flow of movement. 

“Something I like about the new furniture is it’s kind of fresh from the original design,” Jay Pang (‘25) said. “I also like how there is a lot more seating so more people can be in the library and do stuff at the same time.”  

While many students have been excited about the new furniture at the Fawcett library, there are some who have expressed concerns. They feel that the new furnishes are too minimalistic, which clashes with the more traditional look of the Fawcett library building and classrooms.  

Despite the improvements made to the library’s furniture, many students have been discussing that because the furniture is more modern-looking than the previous furniture, it does not match the aesthetics of the architecture. 

“The new furniture doesn’t match the library at all, and it’s not aesthetically pleasing,” Eva Cress Palencia (‘25) said. 

Some students have also raised worry about the comfort level of the contemporary furniture. They argue that the seating options may not be as comfortable as they appear.  

“For the purple and yellow chairs, they are very comfortable, and I like how they can move,” Payton Delgado (‘25) said. “For the rest of the chairs and couches, they are uncomfortable most of them just feel very stiff,”  

Luckily, Webb has already started planning the next steps to the library’s renovation. 

“Next summer, we will be renovating the library north and south classrooms,” said Melissa Mani, Fawcett Assistant Librarian. “The carpeting is going to be modernized like McCarthy is. In terms of the colors, we had planning meetings and met with the company that supplied our new furniture, and we talked about color palettes, and we used the fireplace and the mural in the back of the library for inspiration for our colors.”  

Webb has recently started the planning process for the upcoming library renovation. While the full details of the renovation are not yet known, it seems that the library will become a modern and more organized space that includes innovative technology that will further enhance students’ education and learning process. Also, the new renovations will change the aesthetics of the library to further match the furniture that was installed recently. The library renovations are expected to be fully completed when students and faculty return from summer break next year, providing an improved and modernized space for academic learning and research.