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A look inside Price Dining Hall

Sydney Morales
Before hundreds of hungry students and faculty stream into Price Dining Hall to refuel, Price Dining Hall staff members begin to prepare for lunch. “When I come to the Dining Hall, I clean the counters and roll up my sleeves seeing what I need to prepare and put out for dessert,” said Teresa Acosta, Price Dining Hall Kitchen Staff member. While the kitchen staff members move quickly between the food stations to prepare and cook a large number of dishes, Price Dining Hall fills with the aroma of cooking food.

Every morning at about 7:30 a.m., Price Dining Hall staff members open the doors to a bustling space filled with the sounds of chatter, the clink of utensils, and the aroma of freshly cooked food. Amidst the symphony of sounds, Price Dining Hall seems like a self-operating machine serving hundreds of hungry students, faculty, and staff members.  

However, there are no robots behind the serving counter; the kitchen staff is working in perfect harmony to keep Price Dining Hall service running smoothly.  

“Typically, I would come in, start setting up for whichever meal is about to start, and make sure everything is ready to go as soon as [students] come in to eat,” said Cade Castillo, Price Dining Hall Kitchen Staff member.  

From creating weekly menus to washing dishes, the kitchen staff works in a complex system carefully designed to ensure everyone is fed and happy. Let’s grab a green box and embark on a journey through the engine of Price Dining Hall! 

To start the engine, Armando Amezcua, Food Service Director, creates a menu. Once the menu is set, Mr. Amezcua breaks it into ingredients needed for every meal and orders them from Sysco Corporation food distribution company. The engine of Price Dining Hall is then fueled with the ingredients supplied on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  

Before the food arrives at Price Dining Hall fridge, all products go through a thorough quality check by Mr. Amezcua or Chef Erasmo Rodriguez. Once the quality of the food is approved, Price Dining Hall cooks begin to work their magic.  

From preparing warm plates of pasta to a wide variety of cultural and homelike foods, Price Dining Hall staff efforts to create a welcoming and diverse environment where everyone can feel at home.  

“I enjoy serving you guys [students], those who come and seeing that everything is ready and well!” said Teresa Acosta, Price Dining Hall Kitchen Staff member. 

Whether it’s a chicken tikka masala or a Greek-style pork chop, Price Dining Hall staff strives to make cultural food authentic. To achieve this, Mr. Amezcua sources cultural spices, follows traditional recipes, and even consults with experts in cuisine to ensure that students get a taste of home through the meals. 

“We try to make the foods as authentic as we can, we visit many different stores to buy different spices that help us make these dishes authentic,” Mr. Amezcua said. “Most of our cooks are Mexican, so the Mexican food is authentic.” 

Price Dining Hall staff’s dedication to creating authentic cultural food not only provides students with a taste of home but also fosters an appreciation for different cuisines and cultures. As students enjoy their meals, they are exposed to different traditions and are given the opportunity to learn and explore new culinary experiences. 

Besides preparing cultural food, the kitchen staff takes great care to ensure that there is a diverse range of food options available to students. Mindful of the various dietary needs and restrictions, Price Dining Hall offers vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and other specialized options to accommodate different dietary needs.  

For the most part, Price Dining Hall operates like a machine with preparing, cooking, cleaning, and serving. However, some days there are not enough staff members to keep the engine running smoothly – the dining hall’s most common challenge is being understaffed. When there are not enough hands on deck, the workload increases, and the pressure mounts. 

“We struggle when we are missing staff, when people are sick or when they call out,” said Mr. Amezcua.  

The dining hall seeks to resolve this issue by ensuring staff who are currently employed may continue to do so.  

“[We] try to make sure [that those currently in position can stay] if positions open,” said Mr. Amezcua.  

An integral part of Webb’s campus is Price Dining Hall. The place where students get all their meals, create memories, connect with others, and experience that distinct sense of home. Although it feels like magic, it’s not a product of miracle – rather hard work done by the close-knit team of Price Dining Hall staff workers.  

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