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Chaos erupts at Haneda Airport

Kathy Duan
Passengers waiting for their flights, played by Kathy Duan (‘25), Catherine Shen (‘25), and Jerry Hu (‘25) are in shock as the two flights crash and become engulfed by fire. “When people realized that their flight [were] canceled, they started to get really anxious,” Zona Zhou (‘26) said. The disorder inside the airport matched the scene outside.

As two planes crashed in a whirlwind of fire, hundreds of people became stranded in Haneda airport in Tokyo and disarray ensued.  

On January 2nd, a Japan airlines passenger plane collided with a Japanese coast guard plane that was at airport to deliver earthquake relief. All 379 people on the passenger plane slid down emergency chutes and survived, but five crew members were killed on the coast guard plane.  

More than 100 fire trucks were sent out after the blaze broke out. The fire wasn’t extinguished for six hours.  

When the incident happened, all the runways closed. 140 flights were canceled the next day, and the airport erupted into chaos and confusion and some Webb students returning from break were trapped. 

“At first, people were really calm, but when people realized that their flights [were] canceled, they started to get really anxious,” Zona Zhou (‘26) said “They started arguing with flight agents. There’s this person who started speaking Chinese and started yelling at a Japanese flight agent.” 

The experience was even more frustrating for people who were going to the Haneda Airport but did not get there, as they missed all their connecting flights. 

“We had to get a temporary visa for transit and booked a hotel near the airport for the night,” Jerry Hu (‘26) said. “I also had to book another flight myself that cost $1500 dollars more. American Airlines did not compensate for the extra costs, nor did they provide hotels for overnight stays.” 

Though Webbies and others had a tough day at the airport, some also found a rare moment of solidarity. 

“I met this Chinese [woman] who spoke Shanghainese, and apparently she was on the same flight as me,” Zona said. “She got herself switch the other flight that was not canceled and taught me how to do it, which is how I got my situation resolved. I found Chinese solidarity in a Japanese airport.” 

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Kathy Duan
Kathy Duan, Copy Editor
In both the classroom and at your local law firm, Kathy Duan (‘25) radiates an aura of unwavering positivity, always prepared to offer a listening ear or a supportive shoulder to those in need. Serving on the Honor Committee and contributing to the Webb Canyon Chronicle as a Copy Editor, Kathy showcases her dedication and dependability, readily addressing any questions from political theory and philosophy to the finer points of the Webb Canyon Chronicle’s style guide. During the summers of her sophomore and junior years, she immersed herself in an internship at a community law firm, deftly managing client communications. Beyond her legal pursuits, Kathy shines as a passionate debater, and is an integral part of the Webb debate team. Most notably, she founded a non-profit organization, Roundtable Debate Academy, that makes speech and debate classes more accessible. Apart from the newsroom, leadership, or debate, you may sometimes find Kathy at the pool practicing water polo with friends or in Fawcett Library researching the next big story in today’s political scene. As a passionate advocate for rectifying injustices around educational equality, Kathy dedicates herself to finding solutions constantly. The next time you walk by the Fawcett Library or take a nice stroll by Stockdale Center, be on the lookout for Kathy’s next big article! Favorite Song: "Passionfruit" by Drake
Catherine Shen
Catherine Shen, Staff Writer
Catherine Shen (‘25) treats her life like a blockbuster action movie, in which she stars as an adventurous explorer. Determined to embark on as many new journeys as possible before she turns 18, Catherine joined the Webb swim and dive team her freshman year, where she fell in love with diving and continued training throughout this past summer bravely ignoring the risk of bellyflopping. As a new student leader, she is excited to explore what the chapel council has in store for her, such as deciding what guest speakers will speak and determining the driving theme of this year. She will also continue to broaden her horizons by joining the Webb Canyon Chronicle as a staff writer, where she hopes to set high expectations for herself and raise awareness about controversial topics. This year, Catherine will fight through the unexpected trials that lie in her junior year, strive to continue her action-packed journey, and dive fearlessly into new things. She hopes to live to tell the tales that come with her adventures!  Favorite Song: "Slow Down Turbo" by Rich Brian  

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