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Dorm prefects unveil hidden duties

Sydney Morales
When you think of popular study spots on campus, you may think of the library or Stockdale, but did you know that some prefect rooms are hot spots for studying? On a busy Thursday night, Emily Shao (‘25) studies math on the floor of Jones Prefect Alina Li (‘25)’s, room. “Most of the time, if I feel that I have extra time to spare, I open my door for people to come in and chat or do homework,” Alina said.

February comes around, and leadership applications have just opened up. 

Ding! You view your Outlook notification that just appeared on your screen and see an email on student news with the subject “Dorm Prefect.” You open the description of a dorm prefect duties, reading through the expectations and responsibilities of this position. 

As a dorm resident yourself, you may immediately think of some popular dorm prefect responsibilities such as 7:30 pm and 10:30 pm check-in and dorm meetings. Aside from these popular roles that dorm prefects do, did you know there are many other unspoken commitments that take place?  

“During the first couple of months on campus, as my corner is mainly freshman, my door would often get knocked every two hours,” said Alina Li (‘25), dorm prefect at Jones. “Sometimes my door would get knocked in the middle of the night by another dorm resident to address an issue in the dorm.” 

In addition, dorm prefects help organize various events, from the Fall Social, a collaborated event with the day student prefects, the Zombie Apocalypse, Holiday Party, and much more.  

“Being a dorm prefect is a 24/7 responsibility. We help ensure that rules and policies are enforced within the dorm community at all times,” said Caitlin Delgado (’25), dorm prefect at South Hutch. “In all dorm communities, there is a strong sense of connection; this connection is one that prefects play a huge role in. Whether this is through dorm meetings or resolving issues within the space, dorm prefects hold the responsibility of addressing these matters.”  

Issues within dorm residents, dorm life, social and personal, and academic life are just some of the several under-highlighted topics dorm prefects are responsible for presenting support in.  


Note: Dr. Dzula is the advisor of the Webb Canyon Chronicle and a co-dorm head of Jones residential dorm. 

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Sydney Morales
Sydney Morales, Social Media Manager
The iconic In-N-Out is where most Californians might find sanctuary in double-doubles and animal style fries. However, local boarder, Sydney Morales ('25) cannot stand this fast food emporium. Instead of chain restaurants, Sydney finds solace in home-cooked meals and local markets, particularly her dad's enchiladas. Coming from a loving family, many of Sydney’s interests are geared toward family and community. For example, she revels in being away from her phone, especially when she and her family summer in Lake Tahoe. When not in the community, Sydney enjoys watching Modern Family and listening to British rap. Recently, Sydney’s favorite class, Advanced Culture Studies and Politics at the Border, has been discussing the politics surrounding the Mexican-American border, an influential topic in her day-to-day life. Sydney's sense of community, open-mindedness, and inclination to embrace differences are crucial to understanding the way she views the world. She relies on her emotions to shape her perspectives in life, often avoiding the most straightforward path Already an established leader on campus, dorm prefect at Jones and head of the student leader's council, Sydney plans to bring more communication to the WCC this year, going out of her comfort zone and bringing her ideology of embracing difference.  Favorite Song: "Upside Down" by Jack Johnson

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